Monday, March 7, 2011

KY: Two Bills to Protect Elderly Pass General Assembly

Two measures aimed at protecting elderly and vulnerable adults won final approval Friday from the General Assembly.

But with only three days left in the current legislative session, a bill to create a registry of people who abuse adults — a priority for advocates for the elderly and disabled — remains stalled in the Senate.

House Bill 101, to create a registry similar to the one the state maintains for child abusers, is still before the Senate Judiciary Committee. And Sen. Tom Jensen, the London Republican who is chairman of the committee, said he isn’t sure whether it will pass this session.

He said Senate leaders are still trying to determine which bills to pass in the remaining time available.

Advocates argue that an adult registry would better protect those who, because of age or disability, are especially vulnerable to abuse and exploitation by caregivers. Even though the session is nearly over, they are still working on behalf of HB 101.

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Two Bills to Prevent Elderly Abuse Get Final OK

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honeybear said...

Look at all the hard work advocates had to put in to gt these bills passed. I praise them for their efforts - but in reality, they shouldn't have had to work so hard. Elder abuse is everybody's problem.

StandUp said...

Great job, advocates!

Rachael said...

Two of four -- I guess that's really pretty good.

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