Wednesday, May 4, 2011

'Caregiver' Raids 93-Year-Old's Savings, Police Say

She was hired to care for the 93-year-old’s dying wife.

Instead, King County prosecutors contend, the 52-year-old Seattle woman inserted herself into every facet of his life, separated him from his children, then raided his life savings to the tune of $300,000.

Filing theft charges earlier this month, prosecutors claim Samantha Pierce bilked her elderly ward by winning his trust in the months after his wife’s death.

After a miser’s life, the self-made millionaire’s finances and health began to erode under Pierce’s care, Seattle Police Detective Elizabeth Litalien said in charging documents.

Still, the detective said, he thwarted attempts by his family to oust Pierce while she wrote more than $125,000 in checks to her children, obtained the title to a luxury SUV owned by the man and was preparing to buy a $2 million home on Lake Washington -- sight unseen -- with his money.

“Prior to his wife’s death, Pierce manipulated (him) into believing that she was the only one that would care for him and for his well being,” Litalien told the court. “She attempted, and often succeeded, in isolating him from a family that loved and cared about him. …

“Pierce’s influence over (him) was so great that on the day of his wife’s death, instead of commemorating her life, he made a toast to Pierce.”

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Seattle ‘Caregiver’ Raided 93-Year-Old's Life Savings, Prosecutors Claim


Barbara said...

Very sad case. I know guardianship practitioners use these cases to justify guardianship, so I hate to see caregiver thieves.

StandUp said...

It never ceases to amaze me how cruel people can be.

Jason said...

Predatory caregivers should receive stricter punishment when they take advantage of their patients.

B Inberg said...

Wherever there is fast buck to be had look out predators are watching. When a person is flat broke via guardianship it's ok but if some other crook does it then it's big news and off to slammer.

Anonymous said...

Vulture. This makes me sick!