Wednesday, May 11, 2011

CBS Report: Gov't Finds Nursing Homes Misuse Anti-Psychotics

Anyone who's ever been through it will tell you that putting a loved one in a nursing home is one of the toughest decisions you'll ever have to make. You hope and pray your relative will be well-cared for.

But a troubling new report from the government finds that, all too often, nursing homes are giving antipsychotic drugs to patients who should not be getting them

Government Finds Nursing Homes Misuse Anti-Psychotics


StandUp said...

This is something well known and I'm glad to see it documented.

Barbara said...

Now we need to put the pressure on the legislature!

Tom said...

Great report CBS. Please stay on this important subject!

Thelma said...

It's time to stop the inappropriate drugging, which is akin to murder.

helensniece said...

Really? Well 'the government' is light years behind, open your eyes, take your ear plugs out and listen to what we've been saying at NASGA.

Where is Wisconsin US Senator Herb Kohl? Big Daddy of the Aging Committee for how many years? Hello Senator Kohl where are you? Are you there?

Our loved one was drugged with SEROQUEL back in 2001. One of the first consent forms upon admission signed by the guardian is to drug up the new resident / patient who wasn't a problem, tiny little lady. Never ever will I forget what our loved one was forced to take nor will I ever forget or forgive those who took her life.

God help us all.

Connie said...

This is a big problem. Why aren't these facilities investigated and charged with elder abuse?

Angie said...

There are more and more of these stories coming out about drugging of the elderly and yet there seems to be no ground gained on stopping it.