Monday, October 31, 2011

Need to Know: 'Lives on Hold'

The pentagon estimates that one in five American soldiers will return from battle with a traumatic brain injury. Need to Know checks in on three families that have had to deal with the effects of TBI.

Watch the Video: Need to Know - 'Lives on Hold'


Connie said...

Why can't Gary Harvey have these treatments?

Luis said...

He's a veteran, too!

Neil said...

Connie, I think Gary Harvey can have these treatments, it is the fair and equal access to the treatments he cannot have because his captors want to exclude Gary.

Mel said...

what a compelling story and to see that young man walk again after months and months in a bed and chair, remarkable what proper treatment, love and attention can produce.

Thank you NASGA for posting this story and thank you PBS for airing the story. PBS beats the heck out of the Lifetime channel

Bobbie said...

This is good news for people who suffer from TBI, but if the treatments aren't available to all those who need them, then people are being denied which isn't fair.

In reality these folks cost the taxpayers less if they are helped.