Thursday, October 13, 2011

Nursing Home Volunteers ~ The Elderly are from Heaven

"When a person is admitted into a nursing home, they experience many losses.

Not only is their independence, freedom, and family gone, they also feel a loss of control of their lives, dignity, and the interruption in daily routines can be emotionally tormenting. They also feel extreme boredom. Family, for a lot of them, never come to visit.

Most of them would be very accepting of you and would be glad and appreciative of the time you spend with them. So to get started you can find a nursing home near you and talk to the Activities Director and ask them if there is anyone in particular that could use the companionship. Also ask for ways that you can volunteer. It is so worth it, because doing this is very rewarding, relaxing and fun." ~ Unknown

Facebook: The Forgotten Ones - Compassion for the Elderly


Anonymous said...
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Mary said...

A much needed reminder that people stuck in facilities need socialization from the outside.

NASGA said...

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Diane said...

While my Mom is imprisoned in the nursing home, I visit her every day to try to keep her spirits up and keep her strong. I also talk to the others there and listen to their stories. It is heartbreaking to hear them say how much they want to go home. The picture in this article says it all. When my Mom was placed in rehab in a different nursing home back in April for what was supposed to be a one to two week stay, I would arrive to find her lined up just like this along the wall in front of the nurses station so she cold "spend sometime out of her room." Her face would light up with hope and relief every time she saw me walk in. It broke my heart to see her placed somewhere she didn't need to be. six weeks later the "law" guardina Mary Giordano finally allowed her to go back home to her own house. The elderly need our love, our help, our compassion and most important, their civil rights!

Unknown said...

Thank you again for sharing a post from my Facebook page, The Forgotten Ones: Compassion for the Elderly. You are truly helping to get this important message to the masses. I am so grateful. Pam O'Halloran