Friday, February 3, 2012

Hearing Postponed in Parks Case

Wayne County Probate Judge Freddie Burton Jr. has postponed a court hearing set for today [1/25/12] at which he was to decide whether to return the estate of civil rights icon Rosa Parks to the people she picked for the task.

Burton said that he is awaiting instructions from the Michigan Supreme Court.

The high court ordered Burton on Dec. 29 to put Elaine Steele, Parks' longtime assistant and caregiver, and Adam Shakoor, a retired 36th District Court judge, back in charge of the estate. They would replace attorneys John Chase Jr. and Melvin Jefferson Jr., whom Burton put in charge after Parks' nieces and nephews contested their aunt's will.

Burton told the Supreme Court last week that Steele is unfit for the job. Her lawyer, Steven Cohen, disputed that and urged the Supreme Court on Monday to remove Burton from the case.

Hearing Postponed in Parks Case

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NASGA said...

Feudiing families open the door for judges to give estate control to strangers, who can then bleed the estate to death with fee bills!
Mediate your grievances and keep it in the family!

izzy said...

Mediation requires a good faith commitment from both "sides" of a grievance. If anyone participating in a mediation is deceitful, the mediation more often than not becomes a ruse.

Connie said...

The lawyers continue to profit!