Wednesday, October 3, 2012

New Book in Progress!

Disposing Of The Elderly For Profit

~The following is the second chapter of my latest book, which is a work in progress.

~This is an expose that provides a panoramic view of the devastation and corruption of exploitation crimes that even seasoned criminal investigators are unaware of.

~I would appreciate your ideas and comments so feel free to contacct me via email from my website.

~A new chapter will be posted on the 1st of each month. I hope that you enjoy these few pages and get a few "I didn't know that's" along the way!~

The elderly account for over a third of the economic crimes victims in the nation.  Of these, exploitation victims are the most devastated.  Bank  accounts and multi-million dollar estates can be quickly wiped out with little risk to the predator because victims, due to the infirmities of aging, are often incapable of understanding financial matters. The problem is compounded due to tight police budgets that prevent the additional manpower, time, and training necessary to protect those who cannot protect themselves.

While elderly crime is widespread, few specific details are provided due to confidentiality issues and lack of reporting. The media can have access to arrest affidavits that focus on financial charges that are actually filed, but abuse and neglect may not be mentioned because the evidence was insufficient for additional charges.  The point is that violent abuse crimes can go unreported, even when financial charges are levied against an exploiter.
The following case provides a more detailed account of a predator who was finally charged with both financial and violent crimes. She was a bold woman on a brazen crime spree.  Although her crimes were reported in a timely manner, it took 10 months for the police to arrest her.
See  FinancialAbuseOfTheElderly

Read Joe Roubicek's First Book, "Financial Abuse of the Elderly: A Dective's Case Files of Exploitation Crimes"

In a sentence, Florida's exploitation law (FSS 825.103) states that when someone maliciously takes the property of an "elderly person," they are committing exploitation. That's the essence of the law. 


Karen said...

I am so excited about this book! I have read Mr. Roubicek's first book and it was amazing.

Sylvia Rudek said...

Thank you! Joe for your interest and dedication to our cause by exposing the very dark side of guardianships and conservatorships.

Shameful national disgrace how our elders and vulnerable adults are being targeted, harmed, used and abused, exploited and eliminated under color of law.

You are giving the victims a voice an opportunity to tell the truth.

Betty said...

I read the first book too and I also know Mr. Roubicek guest lectures around the country.

Thank you for posting this encouraging news, NASGA!

NASGA said...

Joe Roubicek brings credibility to our issue of guardianship and conservatorship abuse.

Victims are often told they are making it up, surely they've got the facts mixed up, and there's no way this can happen in America, etc.

Having an expert like Joe understand and speak about guardianship abuse advances our cause' and NASGA is so grateful to be affiliated with him.

Anonymous said...

Joe is going where no one wants to go the very dark side of the protection industry. Thank you Joe! Thank you NASGA and God Bless the victims and their family's who won't give up searching for the truth and a chance at justice. Stay strong, stand firm.

Thelma said...

This is not the same America I grew up in!

We need people like Joe R who are well acquainted with the criminal mind and can see things others don't - and bring them out into the sunshine.

Finny said...

Guardianship has become all about profit. The victim suffers in other ways, of course, but the abuser is drawn to the profit.

Thank you Joe! I can't wait for the final product to hit the shelves!

Luis said...

It's really good news to hear that this book is in progress.

Anonymous said...

I see Joe quoted Fl. law. In Pinellas County Fl. where my mother Retta Rickow is being exploited, is so thick with corruption, they think they will never get caught. And with a Judge like Patrick Caddell, they might just get away with it. He flat told us in court he does not have to follow the law! He also said it was not the courts job to manage her money properly. Or to micro manage his untruthful appointed guardians. He thinks he is above the law. I hope your book can make a difference!

honeybear said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you, Joe Roubicek!

Nancy said...

I just got home from work to this wonderful news! Thank you, Joe, this is fantastic news and I am so looking forward to what's coming next!

New Yorker said...

I love the phrasing "disposing of the elderly for profit" as that's exactly what they do.

In bad guardianship, the ward dies suddenly and somehow this happens just when the money runs out.

And there are also cases where the ward dies not by strangulation or direct murder, but by indirect pestering and worrying and tormenting - like Dorothy Wilson.

Joecitizen said...

So it looks like the FBI just executed a search warrant in Hancock County Probate Court ... and my book seems to be writing itself as we go along! Thanks everyone for your comments and please be patient as my writing needs to be edited, edited and edited again. All of you have made good points that I hope to touch on. You are all making a difference. Every injustice, abuse and exploitation that is exposed today will lead to change,amends and retribution in the end.
Thanks again! Joe Roubicek

Anonymous said...

As long as we write Ananomous comments, the truth of the perpetators will neve be made public. I think, that is what Mr. Roubicek is trying to accomplsh: Expose the Perpetrators, whether they are judges, lawyers guardians appointed by judges. etc. etc.all are guilty of depriving the elders of their freedom of choise - and their assets.
Name the guilty - lets expose them....EBoldt

Rosanna said...

Okay here are their names and the photos and police reports of what they let happen to my Dad while we tried to stop this. And Mom's death still has NO justice

The people listed below are ACCOMPLICES (Before, During or After) to Abuser James R. Miller of ELDER Clair Miller and they to should be Criminally Charged as an Accessory. Everyone on this list is a Mandatory Reporter by Law except Family & Friends. Imagine that!

The doors of these people have been banged on so many times and knew this abuse was going on but they turned a deaf ear, did nothing or had an excuse. This should disgust the citizens. This is our tax dollars NOT working. Why aren't they being charged when they fueled this abuse?????
This never would have happened to Clair if they had listen to the trusted daughter and obeyed the Laws of our State, professional credentials and the Miller's legal documents. These people below are just as guilty. Please Call Ohio Attorney General's Office and ask to speak directly to Mike DeWine 800-282-0515 and ask why didn't this daughter get the guardianship to prevent and protect her father? Then DEMAND the filing of criminal charges on the OFFICIALS who knew about this and did NOTHING!!!!!!

This is IRresponsible and UNaccountable for the dollars we put in their pockets to take care of our business. On Sept. 14, 2012 the judge walters denied the emergency guardianship Rosanna filed for her father and gave it to Fansler JD who has been a supporter and accomplice to Abuser james for 4 yrs. aiding him to commit these crimes on Clair!! YES HE KNEW ABOUT THIS…. Is there an end to the COLLUSION to PERVERT JUSTICE and JUDICIAL TYRANNY that is out of control in our country???

Logan County:
PROBATE COURT - Michael L. BRADY (imposter), Sumner WALTERS, and ALL STAFF
PROSECUTOR - Ex-Jerry HEATON (imposter)
COMMISSIONERS - KNIGHT, BAYLISS, RESER & TONY CORE (then District 83 Rep & aid Tim Schneider)
CORONER- Michael FAILOR, D.O. (imposter)


LAW DIRECTOR - Howard TRAUL (imposter)

Winnie STOTLZFUS, md
Gregg FULMER, md

State of Ohio:
Senator - David BURKE (then District 83 & aid Kinsey Jolliff)
Repesentative - Dorothy PELANDA District 83 (aid Kayla)

ATTORNEY GENERAL’S ELDER ABUSE COMMISSION - Ursel McELROY, State Government Members & Stakeholder Representatives (25 depts and agencies paid by tax dollars) I have beaten doors down at the OAGEAC every meeting last year getting the same song and dance answer. Click open and go to public comments section. I was there!

SUPREME COURT, Chief Eric Brown & Maureen O’Connor and ALL Justices (they refused my cases therefore denying help to the elderly that their trial courts fueled)

Robert HENDRIX - Columbus
Bridgett HAWKINS - Bellefontaine
Tom BAGGOTT - Dayton
Scott BARRETT - Kenton
Steven FANSLER - Bellefontaine (Abusers Biggest supporter, aid, accomplice and accessory)

Family & Friends
Nancy Miller
Don Detrick
Sandy Newman
Elvenah Hatch

What excuse will they give now?????