Monday, November 19, 2012

Improvement of Illinois Nursing Facility

Responding to published reports of substandard care this summer, state regulators and law-enforcement authorities visited the former Maple Ridge Care Centre on Tuesday, but found no major deficiencies and concluded that care at the 126-bed nursing home may have improved.

“We found a completely different facility than was portrayed in the articles,” Cara Smith, deputy chief of staff for Attorney General Lisa Madigan, told The State Journal-Register."

Officials from Madigan’s office, the Illinois Department of Public Health and state and local police were among 16 people who spent two to three hours at the nursing home as part of Madigan’s statewide Operation Guardian nursing-home compliance initiative.

“The facility itself appeared to be very clean and orderly,” Smith said. “There were a lot of staff attending to residents. It appeared to be an entirely different environment, which is fantastic.”

Full Article and Source:
Officials Approve of Care During Visit to Lincoln Nursing Home


Thelma said...

It's good to know that media is having success where the government has not been doing its job of protecting its citizens.

Finny said...

That's right, Thelma. Were it not for the media's first story, they wouldn't have cleaned up their act.

Now, can they keep their act cleaned up? That's the question.

Sue said...

Illinois Department of Public Health on their own is a total failure I know I have a working file on their standard operation = 0 action taken a file on what they consider a violation, would require a video of a homicide. There is a lot of wrongdoing that is going on but no one wants to upset the process, no action is taken. I am forwarding my findings to state legislators on a real case in real time = no action taken "no violation" broken - really?

Anonymous said...

Several things come to mind in this article...such as the previous and current owners' ties with a nursing home owner under investigation for Medicare fraud, Medicaid fraud, housing criminals in his facility-- to name just a few things.

What is nice to hear is Lisa Madigan's apparent resurrection of Operation Guardian.

Keep looking, Lisa. Look hard. Uncover the real dirt, including the nursing home ties to OBRA trusts and guardianships in Cook County.

That is where you will find the most bang for your buck, if you are willing to prosecute.