Wednesday, December 19, 2012

YouTube: Re-Evaluate Sue Lee

In 2008, Sue Lee suffered a severe stroke. Sue was declared permanently disabled and incapacitated by the state of Oregon. Eventually, a state-appointed Conservator took control of Sue's business, home, and financial assets.

4 years later, Sue Lee has shone great strides in recovery. While struggling to regain her speech, she is a fully capable person.

Despite her recovery, state appointed doctors as well as her conservator have continued to list Sue as INCOMPETENT.

Sue Lee IS competent and this film stands to show her ability to communicate her wishes and care for herself on a daily basis.

Re-Evaluate Sue Lee

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Anonymous said...

They do not want to re-evaluate this lady, because they closed her shop, sold all the inventory and took over her life. As I understand, she lost all of her assets to the State/County and guardian for medical "care" she is receiving, or supposed to be receiving. This is nothing mire than another guardianship abuse, where they have deprived an elder lady of her assets by judicial authority. eb

Anonymous said...

Since this is another Oregon "legalized" exploitation of an elder person,we all should ask, where is law enforcement, where is the Multnomah District Attorney to investigate this kind of fraud - and yes, fraud on the courts, to deprive a citizen of her civil rights with false representation of her physical ability and concealment of facts. This is a criminal matter to be inmvestigated.

Betty said...

Anonymous, I tink you nailed it. But, what do the Oregon statutes provide as a remedy, if any? Can Sue Lee petition the court for a re-evaluation?

Nancy said...

Sue Lee is making a remarkable recovery and she deserves to have her life back.

B Inberg said...

It is written that all adult guardianship cases are handled in the same manner with the presumption that the ward, the incpacitated person and/or physically disabled person will not be able to modify or terminate the guardianship / conservatorship.

Being declared a ward is: A LIFE SENTENCE.

This must be addressed and changed we cannot allow assumptions and presumptions and business as usual to continue in it's current form which is a failure.

Sue Lee will not be able to get 1 cent of her estate returned to her and these vultures will draaaaaaaaaaaaaaag this process out til hell freezes over most times the probate gang draaaaaaaaaags it out hoping the ward will give up, succumb to aging issues or better yet pass away. Sounds harsh? I'm being kind in my response here with all due respect to those reading NASGA blog.

Knowing what I know and aware there is much I don't know, court ordered hell is my #1 fear for myself, my loved ones and for the innocent potential victims.

jerri said...

i agree with b inberg life sentence is their plan as long as sue lee is generating $ she has the fight of her life just to get an independent evaluation which has me thinking about the recovery of illinois us sentator mark kirk who suffered a serious stroke over a year ago or so i wonder if senator kirk has a court appointed guardian does anybody know? maybe sen kirk had a health care power of attorney agent and someone was taking care of his personal affairs while he was recovering and headed back to washington dc i think sue lee in all fairness deserves the same consideration don't you think?

Terry said...

We support you, Sue!