Friday, January 11, 2013

Recommended Website and Book: Marked for Destruction

A Shockingly Powerful Story; A True Crime Exposed.
by Officer John Caravella /retired

What Adele Fraulen might have thought to be nothing more than a meaningless bad dream one night in 1935 would actually come true. At age 79 she would find herself living a nightmare -- a struggle for her life, simply because she innocently trusted the wrong professionals to help with her portion of a Million Dollar inheritance; they would steal her very existence. Her neighbors, Chris and Patricia Zurillo, would realize that Adele's life was going terribly wrong and dedicate themselves to freeing her from captivity.

“Marked For Destruction” is a rare book that exposes an ever-expanding crime against our elderly.


From the Author:


Imminent danger to the alleged incapacitated person, who is criminally and civilly innocent, begins with a court ordered pre-trial examination by an examining committee.

Court ordered examinations, and examining committee members, are controlled by statute. If indicated, the committee's examination must be comprehensive and include:

1. A physical examination;
2. A mental health examination;
3. A functional assessment;
4. A diagnosis, prognosis, and recommended course of treatment.

Read the Essay: Freedom From Interference


Joecitizen said...

Excellent book!..a factual presentation and I hope to get John's permission to refer to it in the future.

Anonymous said...

Marked for Destruction is a true story and it's a fast read. When I read it, I couldn't put it down.

B Inberg said...

I agree Anonymous. I have a supply of books (sprial bound large print) that I give as gifts. I think this book belongs in the school systems nationwide to alert our younger generations how the system really works which isn't in their favor. Adele was saved but her life was ruined. One example of many. If this continues as it is we will be reading your story next. We have a choice let this madness continue or demand reform and change with consequences for wrongdoing, fraudulent petitions for guardianship all for self serving reasons to seize you and all you own leaving you a product of the probate machine generating income to keep the machine well oiled as they hunt for more victims to feed their greed. It's as simple as that big business based on lies, fabrications with intent to drug up their victims into coma like compliance with death as their only hope of relief. Is this what you want for your loved ones? For yourself?

tina d said...

Thankful for John Caravella, a true American hero giving his all to Adele and to those who rescued her from certain death. The entire gang of lying miscreants thieves should be in prison til death do they depart - they are a danger to society in my opinion an example of SOCIOPATHS amongst us. NO MERCY.

StandUp said...

I agree. It's a must read for everyone, young and old.

Anonymous said...

I have had the pleasure of speaking with John Caravella about my own case and he's amazing.

honeybear said...

Marked for Destruction had me on the edge of my seat, and no wonder. Poor Adele!

I also appreciate Mr. Caravella's comments regarding examining committees. Thank you sir.

Connie said...

EVERYBODY should read this book. The whole nightmare was based on fraud and greed. And B. Inberg is correct that Adele's life was ruined. How sickening. I am glad, however that the culprit was held accountable although a more appropriate sentence would be life in prison.

Terry said...

Marked for Destruction should be made into a movie! I know it was a story line for Boston Legal but wouldn't it also be a great movie?

Sylvia said...

I agree Marked For Destruction would be a great movie / documentary based on a true story that is heartbreaking. I will never forget Adele, she touched my heart.

And, to the friends who united to save her thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Nancy said...

Great book and I recommend it too!

Scott said...

I really appreciate it that this book is online free because I was just thinking I wanted to read it, but couldn't afford to buy it.

Finny said...

I hope people read the essay. I am very intrigued.

Jessica said...

If one refuses the exam, don't you think they'll have that person committed in a psyche ward?