Sunday, June 16, 2013

Oregon NASGA Member Erna Boldt Writes to Her Congressman for Help.....

Dear Rep. Blumenauer:

Sometime in 2004/2005 Your Portland office was informed by the Oregon Justice Department, that I was not in the class of the "indigent". That was a direct discrimination - and abuse against an elder citizen.

This has morphed into abuse under the American with Disabilities Act, ADA, Title II, in which the protection from Judicial Fundamental Attribution Error, "a type of abuse that occurs when exploitation, deception,mischaracterization, and intimidation are being used by an opponent for the strategic purpose of confusing the Trier of Fact and diminishing Ms. Boldt's ability to function in court", was ignored.

Not only have I been discriminated against, suffered the deprivation of my assets at my age, but this last matter has driven me to insolvency, because federal laws were not upheld in my 10 years of judicial tyranny in Oregon.

Someone needs to investigate, why federal law, including the federal Uniform trust code, and the American with Disabilities act (I was diagnosed under post stroke recovery, anxiety, depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder, translating into legal abuse, has been denied in Clackamas Circuit Court (5th judicial district). It is the duty of the Justice Department to investigate such complaint and disregard for my Constitutional rights.
Thank you,
Erna Boldt

In a message dated 3/5/2012 12:58:01 P.M. Pacific Standard Time, writes:
March 5, 2012
Erna Boldt

Ms. Boldt:
Thank you for taking the time to contact me.

I appreciate you bringing this issue to my attention. Since it is a legal issue, it is very difficult for me to get involved. As a Member of Congress, it would be inappropriate for me to give advice about legal matters. I don't have jurisdiction over the legal system or civil lawsuits.

If you haven't done so already, seeking legal counsel may be your best course of action. The office of the Oregon State Bar Association is a good resource for information on legal services and has a lawyer referral service.

Their phone number is 503-684-3763.

Thank you again for contacting me.
Sincerely, Earl Blumenauer
Member of Congress


Thelma said...

The Congress Critters just don't care! If they wanted to do something, they could - and should!

Norma said...

They could do something. No, they can't litigate, but they can make calls and inquiries.

Betty said...

I'm sorry, Erna. You deserved better.

Anonymous said...

Remeber this come voting time, Erna.

Anonymous said...

I, Erna Boldt, received the same "form" letter in May 2013 from my US Congressman, Earl Blumenauer. My complaint was a violation of federal statute having been denied access to redress. I filed a Petiton to revoke my Last Will and Testament and the illegal trust placed on me, and was denied by the Clackamas County Circuit Court to File this Petition. The Judge claimed that I was attempting to circumvent the law!!?? and refused my Petition to be filed. (same Judge involved in the illegal Probate matter) That is a cover-up of fraud which occured, and an intentional denial of the recorded Deed (Judgment) I have, that all assets are in my name..I just had the deed certified to be sure, there has been no "illegal" changes made. Yep, all is registered in my name - all their abuse and exploitation, is FRAUD AND FRAUD ON THE COURTS. eb

Steve said...

They are elected to work FOR the people!

Anonymous said...

They are confused with working for what "people" or them? From the government standpoint, all tax payers, the committee's, the victims and their families or just the ones circling the gravy train? In their mind theyb are working for "THE PEOPLE".

BarbinOregon said...

OMG Earl....I am so disappointed in you!! DO you not think when Ms. Boldt suggested "judicial tyranny" she has already exhausted the "notion" of "finding an attorney"?....Did you not notice that she was clear and concise with her legal terms? Maybe you don't know that she also has been forced to represent herself in numerous legal attempts to find justice, generally after the "interested" and "concerned" attorneys took her money with no type of resolve. Many of us have had the horrific experience of what really occurs in the Probate Courts in Oregon as well as the rest of the US. I have sadly experienced the horrible "lack of due process" as well as witnessed blatant deprivation of a humans basic CIVIL father. He died a sad and lonely death at the hands of some of the same people Ms. Boldt had tried to get help from. Serving OUR country in WWII follong 22 years as a FOregn Service Officer for the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA to be a "non issue" when his money was put on the table for these predators. Please...Google "conservator abuse" or "guardian abuse" (you can put the VA in your search) and read some of the heinous stories. I thought you were an advocate for the elderly and/or vulnerable citizens in our State. I guess with the huge amounts of $$$$ being made by these predators this would be a difficult "challenge" to try and "Right a wrong" with such large sums of money involved... Given your busy schedule. As others do...
"Turn a blind eye" and just wait until it happens to someone close to you...or you.

.... a very sad state of affairs...