Thursday, August 15, 2013

Unclean Hands: Suing for Defamation

Rebecca Schultz must have really touched a nerve when she removed her wealthy father from Jared E. Shafer's "guardianship" back in September 2010.

In circumstances when an older wealthy married couple decide to retire to another state far away from their family, and then a spouse dies, a horrifying chain of events can occur.

In the case of Guadalupe Olvera, soon after re-locating to Sun City in Henderson, Nevada from their home in California, Carmela Olvera suddenly died. Based on Mr. Olvera's multiple physical disabilities and his desire to stay in Nevada until his paid-for half million dollar home could be sold and his other financial affairs settled, Nevada law required that he be evaluated to make sure he was mentally and physically capable of handling his own affairs. In the absence of a relative living in Nevada, the clerk for Clark County Family Court Judge Jon Norheim recommended private guardian Jared E. Shafer be hired as temporary guardian over Olvera's person and finances. The guardianship was supposed to be temporary and last only until Olvera's financial arrangements were in order, but in opposition to Olvera's wishes and the court pleadings of his only child Rebecca Schultz, the "guardianship" dragged on and on for over two years while Shafer bled Olvera's trust and bank account of over $300,000.

After careful research, I discovered that the granting of Guadalupe Olvera's wish to forcefully terminate Shafer's "guardianship" and move back with his family was the first time one of Shafer's "wards" has ever defied his unlimited power over their person and estate and escaped from his custody. In all other cases I investigated, Shafer defeated all attempts by family members to terminate him by convincing Clark County Family Court judges like Norheim that the relative was either a financial "exploiter," or "unfit" to be their loved one's legal guardian.

But Jared Shafer was not finished with the Olvera family. Three years after Guadalupe moved back home, Shafer filed a libel law suit against Rebecca claiming she authored anonymous Internet reports that damaged his and his cronies' reputations. He did so without any proof Schultz authored the reports. Many believe Shafer's libel suit was meant to send a message to the families of his other "wards" to not challenge his authority.

I view his baseless lawsuit against Schultz as a perfect example of a SLAPP suit (strategic lawsuit against public participation) meant to silence future exposés of his highly questionable business practices.

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Unclean Hands:  Suing for Defamation

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Finny said...

So the guardian retaliates by suing for defamation? Sounds like Jared Shafer is pretty desperate!

Anonymous said...

I've heard of this guy - bad news!

Anonymous said...

The truth is a complete defense to libel/slander.

These corrupt guardians aren't content to violate the fundamental rights of their helpless wards.

They want to abolish the First Amendment for the rest of us.

Betty said...

The truth being a complete defense to libel/slander won't pay the lawyer fees if one is sued, Anonymous 2.