Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Elderly Claim County Exploitation

Grand Forks County has been hit with a civil lawsuit that claims the financial exploitation of elderly citizens.

Attorney, Tim Lamb says his clients lost hundreds of thousands of dollars, while Public Administrator, Barbara Zavala was working as their legal guardians. Zavala resigned her job in January.
Lamb says both victims were medically incapacitated at the time the incidents happened.

One of those clients is 85-years old Faith Krueger, who claims she's lost over 300-thousand dollars.

Faith Krueger, Victim: "I'm just devastated by what happened."

Reporter: "Faith, do you feel cheated?"

Krueger: "Yes I do, very much so."

Reporter: "Did it cause lots of mental stress?"

Krueger: "A great deal if it, yes."

Rodney Folkers is now the legal guardian for the second victim, Paul Veum, who lost 50-thousand dollars.

Rodney Folkers, Legal Guardian: "You know… was able to care for himself. He didn't need anybody. He didn't need the County. He didn't want the County… didn't want the help."

Reporter: "Where did the money go?"

Tim Lamb, Attorney: "We don't know. We're assuming or we're making the allegation that it's been taken and it is in effect, been exploited from her."

Lamb emphasizes that this is a civil lawsuit. However, he says a criminal investigation is underway.

Lambs call it a horrendous act…  and says he believes there may be more victims.

No criminal charges have been filed in this case. The North Dakota Bureau of Criminal Investigation will not confirm any involvement in an active case.

Howard Swanson, the attorney representing Grand Forks County is on vacation and could not be reached for comment.

Attorney Tim Lamb says he's expecting a response from the County to his lawsuit sometime next week.

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Elderly Claim County Exploitation

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StandUp said...

Fantastic! I'm glad to see the victims speaking up and media doing the story. Barbara Zavala has some explaining to do!