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This is an over whelming story of the Watts' family's fight to seek justice with supporting evidence against a Bendigo Bank Manager (Christine Frankham) who used her position and trust to take advantage of their elderly mother, Yolanda Hutton.

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Bendigo Bank (Christine Frankham): This will not go away!!!

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Bendigo Banksters said...

This is a classic case of Elderly Financial Abuse by a Guardian/Guardians that actually degenerated into much, much worse situation.

The Bendigo Bank has NOT been forthcoming with the truth or information in relation to this matter to date, despite there appears to be at least two victims and Ms. Frankham is still employed by the Bendigo Bank.

The NSW Guardianship Tribunal appointed both Christine Frankham and a Paid Caregiver Susan Bogaard as Mrs. Hutton's Guardians and Financial Managers, this was done in complete contradiction to the NSW Guardianship Act as neither where eligible people to hold such a positions under the Guardianship Act.

As usual there is a highly suspicious Attorney (Solicitor) involved Peter Hedley Wood, just as are seeing here in the USA.

The question needs to be asked is the Bank Protecting Ms. Frankham who had a huge conflict of interest or is the Bendigo Bank protecting it's self and the system of an intertwined Financial Industry with the whole Guardianship and Trustee Industry.

Fortunately the suspected perpetrators left a treasure trove of evidence behind, which as we know is highly unusual and an opportunity that must be capitalized on by the Police and other Authorities both State and Federal.

The is just the tip of the Iceberg in what is becoming obviously a Worldwide problem, that is trying to be swept under the rug by Financial Institutions and Governments alike.

Bank Vitims said...

We have investigated many cases of Bank Fraud both here in Australia and in the USA, this one must be on of the worse that we have come across in the way of human terms yet. With none of our team being able to get to the bottom of it, we know that the bendigo bank has something to hide but we just can't figure out what it is and why.

Anonymous said...

It's happening globally.

Bewareofbanks said...

My nemesis in guardianship abuse was a bank. They liquidated my loved ones stock accounts and re-invested them in low paying, low maintenance accounts ----- in their own bank. And of course, that was A-OK with the judge as was everything the Bank/Guardian did.

StandUp said...

I guess what gets me most of all is how rampant and bold this type of elder abuse is and yet the perps (in this case the bank) goes on with business as usual.

It's ridiculous and certainly outrageous!

Norma said...

Praying for this family and all the families of guardianship abuse.

Bendigo Banksters said...

Rarely do we have such a well documented case of Elderly Financial Abuse that also appears to have been the gateway to other forms of Elder Abuse being perpetrated, as we do in the case of Yolanda Hutton who was a Customer of the Bendigo Bank and a client of Christine Frankham.

We also appear to actually have the prima facie case against the Bendigo Bank and its Management for aiding and abetting Christine Frankham and in turn her co-conspirators, this is a prime opportunity that appears to be lost on Attorney General and Minster for Justice Greg Smith to use existing laws to prosecute these perpetrators.

The failure to prosecute Christine Frankham and her co-conspirators, including the Management of Bendigo Bank would be a lost opportunity and a Travesty of Justice, Attorney General and Minster for Justice Greg Smith is turning his back on Seniors and the 47% of the Electorate of Mandatory Voters that supported his Party in the last State Election.

As Seniors and Retiree Associations start to look at this case and ask the question of why was there not an arrest and why the old excuse has been used of the victim being too old or too ill to make a good witness for the stand is still being used to fail to protect Elderly Senior Victims, the present NSW Government and its Ministers of Parliament (MP’s) should be worried.

The people of NSW and Australia should be asking themselves who owns there Government, is it the People or the Banks and Financial Institutions and with the next election for NSW less than 18 months away the pendulum of politics can swing the other way, as confidence in the present Government and the Criminal Justice System heads in the opposite direction.

honeybear said...

The greed is everywhere.

Anonymous said...

An unethical guardian can do so much damage without anyone being aware since they do not have to give a detailed accounting to the family.

Finny said...

This report was well done and clearly unmasked the culprits.

Jason said...

Keep up your strength, Watts family. Don't ever give up!

Sam said...

I bet Christine Frankham's Mother would be embarrassed and disappointed in her daughter if she saw this video.

Mary said...

Banks have deep pockets and they will use them to cover up their wrongful actions. Never, ever give up!

Mary said...

This just looks like old fashion Bank Fraud to me, there is nothing that a Bank won't do to cover up their tracks.

Tony Hutton said...

Words can not express how much the Hutton-Watts Family Appreciates all of the support that the NASGA has shown towards us and our Battle with Injustice, Discrimination and Corruption.

This is just one case amongst millions worldwide of Elderly Financial Exploration and Guardian Embezzlement or Abuse, that happen each and ever year.

We all need to fight them until "Hell Freezes Over, then we will Fight them on the ICE", because if we don't it will never stop and the problem will only get worse as time goes by.

adam said...

The family really appreciates your comments. this situation is terrible and the Bendigo bank and Christine frankham need to be held to account.

Amanda said...

I can't believe what I have just seen on the video and read on the website, what is wrong with this bank here in Australia, Frankham should have been fired on the spot and arrested by the police already..???

Mike said...

This is just no way to treat seniors the poor elderly old lady was in her 90's with Alzheimer dementia, the daughter and son-law are in there 70's.

Don't they have bank examiners in Sydney, Australia to go though the bendigo bank books..?? or

Senior citizens should be withdrawing their money out in protest if not for their own safety against this bendigo bank.

Really every body involved here that has been victimized is a senor citizen and the bendigo bank must either have absolutely no moral ethics or no brains.

Anonymous said...

It's a shame that elders, and that will include every one of us If we're lucky...are taken advantage of. It's about making money at any cost never mind true customer service.

I am verry sorry to read this happened and hope it works out for everyone involved.

Anonymous said...

This is egregious. As a "person of trust" in my worklife, this Yolanda Hutton situation is the exact case that you work to avoid. These are the people to PROTECT. Granny would not be proud if I acted like this!! Where are the banking regulators, securities regulators, and senior advocates??

Shirley said...

The exploitation of our seniors and retirees here in Australia is just out of control, this is just yet another case and now you can add bank managers onto the list of criminals.

She must be making the Bendigo bank a fortune for them to protect her, I guess it is all about money before morals now with the banks.

Bank managers where respected people in Australia once but not now, just because it is a white collar crime doesn't make it any better than a blue collar crime.

Anonymous said...

I might just be an old veteran but what's a bank manger doing borrowing $10,000 for a veterans widow and then demanding $40,000 from her nephew or she will contest the will. She should have been given the sack just for that and the police called in then. Now there is an even bigger mess to deal with and God only knows if there are others that had no family at all.

Anonymous said...

I just got this link via an email from a friend and I have to ask do we have a National Association to Stop Guardian Abuse here in Australia ?

Because we sure need one with our Guardianship Tribunal System is just not working and out of control.

You are doing a great job there in America and its a big problem here in Australia too, thank you for covering this and I feel so bad for the family my prayers are with them.


Davo said...

These Banks are unbelievable they almost crashed the world economy with their subprime loans and lie about it to cover their tracks and then this happens with old people. There like attorneys, they are always covering for each other and I would like to shake the persons hand that came up with the term Bankster it describes them just perfectly.

I honestly hope the watts family get some answers and justice, that might be a good start to stopping this sort of thing from happening again.

Mareea & Max Watts said...

Thank you everybody for your wonderful messages of support.
Apart from the financial manipulation of Yolanda Hutton the worst aspect of our sordid story is the appalling neglect of Yolanda by the illegal Guardians-Christine Frankham & the paid carer Susan Bogaard.We have documentary medical evidence to prove this fact.On 21/05/2011 we had to contact Police to gain access to Yolanda's house as the locks had been changed again(at Yolanda's expense)by these 2 evil women.Yolanda was in a deplorable condition when we found her on the floor & she had to be taken by ambulance to Mona Vale Hospital.
Frankham & Bogaard were handed Guardianship by the completely incompetent NSW Guardianship Tribunal without any consultation with the family.
We intend that those responsible (including the NSW Guardianship Tribunal & Bendigo Bank) will be held fully accountable for their deplorable & deceitful actions & for being complicit with Frankham & Bogaard.

Mareea & Max Watts.

Anonymous said...

I watched this video a couple times now and still can't believe that Ms. Frankham has no heart of what she has done too the Hutton-Watts Family. Locking out family members out of the house (Changed the locks) so they couldn't get in to she her is mind blowing. The abuse that Ms. Frankham has done too Ms. Hutton can't be said in words. This elderly woman that was disable and put her trust in someone. That one person took complete advantage of her for almost everything she had. This is a unbelievable act that she has done and justice will always win.

One thing Ive learned in this short life i lived is that karma is a bitch and Ms. Frankham for what you have done you got bad karma all over you. When this is said and done you'll why you treat your elderly with respect and don't abuse them. Because if it wasn't for them we would be where we are today.

All my prays go out too the Hutton-Watts family on this and I know justice will win.

Thanks too all the supporters that has stand beside the Hutton-Watts family's too bring her DOWN...

JustAnotherVictim said...

Banks and Attorneys, they really are the lowlife of our country and it doesn't look to be any better Down Under either.

My father had a similiar problem with a bank manager when he had demintia and the bank wouldn't disclose anything to us either, the cost of suing them was just too much and the stress to great.

I wish the Watts family wella d you wil be in my wife and my prays, somebody needs to get the SOB's.

Anonymous said...

I just woke up this morning and after making myself a cup tea, I opened my email to find that an old friend of mine from the boating industry had sent me this link to my email and was SHOCKED.

I knew the Hutton brothers Paul and Carl, it must be about 40 years ago when they owned Hutton Yachts and I had the pleasure of meeting their father Stan who was one of nature’s true Gentlemen. I had never meet the brothers mother Yolanda or their sister Maria but I am sure that there as nicer people as Paul, Carl and Stan, I am just amazed that this could happen in Oz and we don’t need to have people like this Bendigo Bank Manager Frankham being around seniors when she should be in jail.

I hope the cops get her and anyone else involved in this, with the Magistrate giving her and anyone at the Bendigo Bank that knew about this a very long holiday in Long Bay Jail.


Patty said...

This is just plain wrong for a bank to do this ethically, morally and I bet legally, I can’t even imagine what this poor family has been though or how they have managed to hold it all together. You have to admire the Hutton and Watts Families as they seem to not only have weathered the storm, they are putting up a fight that I am sure the Bendigo Bank wishes it had not started in the first place. The bank could have stopped its manager years ago and called in the police themselves then, now look at the mess they have made of it. Not only have they let down an old lady that was disabled with dementia and that is hard enough for a family to deal with, but they have even made it harder on the family and keep on making it harder on them.

Anonymous said...

My deepest condolences go out to the Hutton / Watts family.

As I get older and go on with life, I swear nothing amazes me, but the way people ALL around the world have problems with elder abuse, and the worst part is that it happens right under the families nose, and by people and institutions that each and every one of us trust on a daily basis. The worse part of it, our government doesn't really have Anything in place to protect such innocent victims.
Please keep up the fight, for your win is a win for more than just your mother. Hopefully if you scream loud enough, someone in Government, and Bendigo Bank will sit up and notice. What amazes me also is that a main financial institution,such as Bendigo Bank could back and protect someone such as Christine Frankham, especially considering that she had the same type of problem at another well known financial institution and was relieved of her responsibilities there. To me that would be a sign of guilt without verbally admitting guilt.

Being Bendigo Bank I would want to settle this and put as much distance my bank from Ms.Frankham as quickly as possible so that my Bank wouldn't go down with the Christine Frankham Ship. By not looking into this or responding to the family, doesn't that bring the thought of what else is this bank hiding, above and beyond this case.
Good Luck, and all of my positive thoughts go to the family.

Anonymous said...

This absolutely appalling behavior for a bank and the bank manager just disgusts me…!!!!!

Anonymous said...

They wonder why we don't trust the banks any more, this is a prime example why we don't.

Darlene said...

Why would anyone continue to put their money and trust in Bendigo Bank after all their dishonest, cruel and deplorable treatment of their elder, long time customers! In the United States, we have the FDIC which insures the customers deposits and investigates the banks dealings. My brother worked as a review examiner for 30 years and found much curruption and fraud. Many U.S. banks closed due to this - although the depositers money was protected up to a certain amount (which was changed to a higher amount - I believe in 2008). That said, elder abuse still goes on in all areas and in private or public long term care. Making this public, as the Hutton family is doing, is a positive step in putting a stop to the elderly and the disabled being abused and taken advantage of today. Keep working for the best, honest and caring treatment!!

Charles said...

Good luck getting any information out of the bank, it obvious that they have something to hide otherwise they would have given you everything you needed long before this….!!!

CorruptBanks said...

Bank Corruption in Australia looks to be as bad as Bank Corruption is here in America now, man looking at this they might be even worse down there than here.

Scotty said...

It's such a shame people would take advantage of an elderly women, as especially a bank manager.

It's even worse when it happens to one of my own best friends mother, stay strong Tony we will talk tomorrow night.

I really wish I knew what was going on in some peoples minds.

Then again, I may not want to know.

BFCSA said...

The Power of Social Media is starting to show it's strength, with the BFCSA in Australia now picking up on the Bendigo Bank Christine Frankham story.

The battle for Justice continues with the true media websites like the BFCSA giving updates and other information, this helps to keep the people informed of what is really going on.

While empowering people to be able to make informed decisions, based on the truth and not Banks or Financial Institutions Propaganda.

The greatest tool we have in our Arsenal is the Truth via Social Media and the greatest fear that Guardianship Abusers have is to be exposed 24/7 by these Watch Dogs.


Unisured Bankster said...

I see The Australian "Fed Reserve" bankers might'nt be insured against investigation costs if they're charged with things. If convicted, there's a whole new hill o'beans too.

Grateful Dead Fans said...

Judging from the sneaky attacks on various advocate groups and the whistleblowers, the powers that be are real worried bout sumthink.

Paul Keating Fans said...

Sickening and pretty typical these days, what with a Google of 'Mafia and Australia' and scandals uncovered by the indpendent senators.

They'll be a banana republic in no time, full of dessicated coconuts in canberra.

Ronnie Biggs' ghost said...

It's a penal colony, a white collar criminals paradise. Everyday the Sydney Morning Herald exposes more and more, but the politicians are too busy suing the journos for defamation.

Howard B. said...

Please shoot a short email to Senators Fawcett and Dastyari at and to let them know the world is awake to those who prey on the elderly asset rich income poor 'ARIPs'.

Pistol & Boo said...

Where's Fox when you need them. The Victorian Legal Board thinks smokin ol Joe was up to no good "Down Under" at the Oz Fed Reserve bank.

Daily Planet said...

The Elder Supportive Residents & Carers Group's submission,


Ashley Maddisson said...

Dear daily Planet, isn't that a brothel the liquidator was tossed out off by the Australian SEC this year??? Word on the street says the Judge refused to comment on the liquidfator's character.

The bribery allegations in the Australian Senate should get intersting when the law society, Mining Fracking Oil Gas and Tax and Bank Regulators go before the Independent Senators.

Daily Planet said...

The Elder Supportive Residents & Carers Group's submission,


Anonymous said...

Did you see what Activist News Australia released??? Their "Ombudsman" can't investigate the legal ethics board because it's full of miners and oil executives and there's too much corruption.

Dirty Rotten Scoundrels said...

I'm not surprised. Who saw what they do to backpackers and new Australians in 7/11 stores.

Four Corners or the Independent ABC News ran a story on mafia bribes to some judges.

Wikileaks exposed the bribes paid across the Pacific ans indian Ocean to despots.

Australia really is the penal colony for cons that make the British crim look like candy bar thiefs.

Charles Ponzi III said...

Bendigo Bank must fix this cover up! A Royal Inquest immediately is the only way to expose these rogues.

Karma said...

Are Gadens and Dentons really getting hitched? That's great, their Papua New Guinea office are experts with bribery laws for government officials. AusAid is better than Legal Aid I can assure you.

JP Madoff said...

I wish I lived in Australia.

Spectre HQ said...

No, JP Maddoff, you don't want to live in Australia. Bank your bilions there, yes, live there No.

Look what they did to Saddam all because their Reserve Bank made him an offer he couldn't refuse.

They make Dr Evel look Saintly.

Iain Nareve's Conscience said...

BendigoBank Australia should pony up the cash before 60 Minutes does a Charlie Phillott on them. (Ask the ANZ's Mr "Lucky Phil" Chronograph why he's not in the running to be the ANZ CEO's successor).

Howie Blurter's Wedding Crashes said...

Hey those Veuve Cliquot Infused Law Society Lawyers won't be invited if Dentons tie the knot. You know the type, full of booze and blabs about their latest and greatest court cases. Poor mr Denton's Due Diligence Team might be a tad hungover.

Pass them a Bex darlings.

Check out the link .

Check out: Leading lawyers call for overhaul of Australia's foreign bribery laws
By the National Reporting Team's James Thomas

Updated about 3 hours ago
Australian Wheat Board logo
Photo: The Government spent $23.4 million investigating the AWB scandal, which resulted in no criminal prosecutions. (Will Ockenden: ABC Rural)
Related Story: Bribery allegations against top executives aired under parliamentary privilege
Map: Australia

The world's leading lawyers have questioned the ability of the Australian Federal Police to investigate serious corporate crime and called for a new "dedicated agency" to have responsibility for complex financial cases, including foreign bribery.

In a damning submission to the Senate, the International Bar Association (IBA) described Australia's foreign bribery laws as ineffective and our record of enforcement "woeful".

"We have had 15 years of foreign bribery laws in Australia," wrote Robert Wyld, author of the submission.

He said in that time there had been 28 investigations, although 21 of those were dropped and only two were criminal prosecutions.

"The system is not working. Unless people go to jail, unless people see imprisonment as the real ultimate penalty, there will be no behavioural change," Mr Wyld said.
Do you know more about this story? Email

While acknowledging the 2014 improvements of the AFP's Fraud and Anti-Corruption Centre, Mr Wyld, who is co-chair of the IBA's Anti-Corruption Committee, described Australia as a "reactive country, sensitive to external criticism and forced to budget better resources only when it must".

The Australian Wheat Board became embroiled in a kickback scandal more than 10 years ago which saw $300 million funnelled through to the regime of Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein.

The Federal Government spent $23.4 million investigating the scandal, which resulted in no criminal prosecutions.

If you want your company to pay bribes, just set up a subsidiary and ensure whatever structure you use is isolated.
Robert Wyld

By way of contrast in the United States, BHP paid $US25 million to settle bribery charges for offering junkets to the 2008 Beijing Olympics for 176 officials that, it was alleged, could help them.

The AFP launched an investigation in 2013 but Mr Wyld said it went nowhere.

"BHP has not been prosecuted for that conduct in Australia," he said.

Bruce Waynes' Valet said...

Great to see the International Bar Association, Transparency International and dozens more want to replace the mob-style buffer tactics with an J Edgar Elliot Ness Squad and RICO and other laws from the 1930s.

The Liberal Nationalists Party are reeling at the thought of hanging up their violin cases.

Party's over guys.

Toss the pro-crim law society protection racketeers out as you close the Vault's Doors.

Alphonse Capone said...

Ian Dunn, CEO of the law institute said, shortly before 911 2001, they had a difficult relationship viz a viz ethics with Judge Ken Marks Chair of the Legal Board. Could it be that the ethics cops were conflicted and needed the backdated immunity for not fessing up earlier??? See Ian Dunn's column just under his pic

He went on to that Financial Ombudsman (Arbitration) Scheme that many of the submissions to Senator Fawcett's Artificially Defaulted Farm Loan Inquiry say is a stacked game in favour of covering up the forgeries and false information on loan forms. What a racket, Mr. Ness.

Don Knowa Nuthin said...

Down there they ignore the SEC Sean McKessy Office of the Registered Witness too, and he's under Gotti's nemisis, Mary Jo White! Check this from's forum

29 July 2015

Dear Tina

Your enquiry about if any of our submitters were subjected to retaliatory tactics

The answer is in the affirmative, in a sense.

In a recent court case, old documents surfaced that might be relevant to an old fraud squad investigation instigated by Kelvin Thomson MP. We refused various threats. The characters enlisted the help of the Victorian law society as a way to get information from us about information on these characters builders and mortgage lenders of last resort that

- Kelvin Thomson MP referred to the Fraud Squad,
- Penny Wong or Christine Milne sent to the Commonwealth Auditor,
- the Presidents of the Ratepayers of Victoria referred to the Victorian Auditor,
- Judge Judd found an “attempted to defraud” the Samil Power Company of China
- , who might have cost the Chinese “Wenzhou Success Group” a lot, and
- who might have tried to get the Liberman Family’s Jagen Nominees Pty ltd in a scheme in Lakes Entrance.

Currently we are under siege by a law society with a board that has directors on global public companies in oil and steel, (one steel company having a $25,000,000 fine that the WA Crime Commission is looking into as might Sen Dastyari’s Foreign Bribery Inquiry. Other banking matters include the CBA Spy Scandal, the CBA Bribery Case, and a few things like that. We think the society are dangerously egotistical, and are known to cover things up even to the extent of ignoring diplomatic warnings about Interpol because the society staff said they wanted bodies to prove something like a 9/11 event in Melbourne.

Anonymous said...

They call a bank down there 'conn-bank'that won the Shonky Awards. Yes, they award prizes for being the most conniving banks in the world!!!

How ever did Australia get to be President of the UN Security Council with conn banks like this Bendigo Bank? I'd count the cutlery as they walk out. That clinking sound in their pockets will be the silverware, Honey.

Homer Abbott said...

I heard they had these TransPacific Partnership Arbitration Clauses to stack the game in the bank's favor against forged mortgages. That backfired when the Tea Party Government tried to assure all the victims that the TPP was a good deal. Doh!

Island Giveaway said...

Their politicians just appointed a Goldman Sachs Banker as Prime Minister???? Is that like appointing a Asset Manager before a bank forecloses? :)

Sir Tony Blabbalot said... might be worth a read guys.

Here's the introduction. (Australia should wake up to itself).

NASAA, SEC, FINRA Publish Updated Best Practices for Firms Serving Senior Investors

Washington, D.C., Aug. 13, 2010 – The Securities and Exchange Commission, Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) and North American Securities Administrators Association (NASAA) today updated a joint report that outlines practices being used by financial services firms to strengthen their policies and procedures for serving senior investors as they approach and begin retirement.

The SEC, FINRA and NASAA first published the report in 2008 to highlight proactive steps being taken by some financial services firms in serving senior customers. It was intended to assist the overall industry in enhancing compliance, supervisory and other practices related to older investors. The 2010 Addendum being released today summarizes additional practices now being used by financial services firms and securities professionals in serving senior investors.

Nearly 40 million Americans are 65 or older, and this number is expected to more than double to 89 million by 2050. As a result of the economic downturn, many older investors find themselves with smaller nest eggs than they anticipated. Estimates show that total retirement assets decreased by $4.5 trillion (25 percent) from 2007 to the first quarter of 2009. In light of these demographic trends, securities regulators continue to view the protection of senior investors as a top priority.

Carlo di Florio, Director of the SEC’s Office of Compliance Inspections and Examinations, said, “Securities regulators are focused on ensuring a fair market for seniors where sales practices are responsible, the facts are clear, and products are suitable. This report helps firms understand increasing regulatory expectations and effective industry practices that better protect senior investors.”

NASAA President Denise Voigt Crawford said, “Securities regulators continue to bring solid enforcement cases to protect our seniors from investment fraud and abuse. Strong regulation coupled with effective industry compliance, supervision and innovative senior-specific practices are essential toward ensuring that our growing population of senior investors is being treated fairly and responsibly by the financial services industry.”

Susan Axelrod, FINRA Executive Vice President and head of Sales Practice, said, “Securities regulators are working to ensure that retiring baby boomers are properly served and protected. For that reason, we continue to encourage firms to adopt practices that result in the fair treatment of senior investors.”

The 2010 Addendum focuses on the following categories when describing the latest practices being used by firms and securities professionals when serving senior investors:

Communicating effectively with senior investors.
Training and educating firm employees on senior-specific issues.
Establishing an internal process for escalating issues and taking next steps.
Obtaining information at account opening.
Ensuring appropriateness of investments.
Conducting senior-focused supervision, surveillance and compliance reviews.

Securities regulators are sharing this updated information as useful suggestions for other securities firms and professionals to ensure that they serve senior investors in an ethical, respectful and informed manner. Financial services firms are urged to continue developing practices that will help them to better serve their senior customers.


2010 Addendum
2008 Report: Protecting Senior Investors: Compliance, Supervisory and Other Practices Used by Financial Services Firms in Serving Investors

For more information:
Bob Webster, NASAA Director of Communications

Croc Dundee said...

Does this compliance rule help anyone?

Bendgo Bunkum said...

What they get away with would make a Wall Street Banker drool.

Malcolm said...

I saw a BMW carjacked! This guy called Abbott was driving along, minding his own business when, kapow! Stabbed in the back by a Goldman banker. It's a nice Beamer, with the national flag

Tony said...

Hey Malcolm

I know you want a republican flag on the Beamer .

The new national flag should be the Skull & Cross Bones, mateey!

- Tony

Mt Morris Charleville Qld said...

Diary Entry, 25th of September 2015

What happened at Mt Morris,god help us all.

1. The sale price of “Mt Morris” June 18th 2015 of just $1,175,000.00 - then stating what was actually allocated according to our bank statement off the debt a mere $565,888.45 so where did the rest of those funds go?

2. The last valuation of our home, was $2.5 million, how can this be legal?

3. How did the Banks agents i.e. Receivers and Managers devalue the property?
4. This certainly raises further questions as to the Receivers and their Managers of our home, were negligent
5. How it is interesting to note that Gadens Lawyers are able to act for the Bank and the Receivers, heck even one of the loan sharks who exploited approx $20,000.00!

6. How the bank has continued to deny us the right to trade since 2009, restricting our business and denying income streams, debt reductions to repay loan monies that would have seen us debt free in 2015 – why? Why, what law permits them to do this, to push us into default, their actions not ours?

7. Defaming us!

8. The Bank still, will not provide the contract of sale that this is stopping us from meeting our ATO commitments, Would have loved to be a fly on the wall in those discussions wonder if it went something like this “Wait for a bargain, you will get it cheap just screw this producer into the ground, the diversification is solid, good income streams, you can do it all as the hard ground work is established by the Stuarts, all you have to do is walk in and keep it going”? Yes, many hypothetical’s OR were they told something completely different? Time will tell!
wink emoticon. Diary, I have been reading the submissions into the Parliamentary Inquiry into Banking...mercy, dear lord mercy...each week there are more and more going up publicly, those families stories are horrendous of how their financiers have treated them...just like us, “why?”.

I know some of these families, have heard their stories many times, yet to read them again just terrible injustices, carefully crafted to make business people look like they have done this to themselves, when the reality and truth are completely the opposite.…/Corporat…/customer_loans/Submiss

Insurer nabs banker!!! said...

Bwaha, their fed reserve people are insured if they are charged.

Look at this case, wow.

Note Printing Australia Ltd v Leckenby [2015] VSCA 105 (20 May 2015)

Last Updated: 20 May 2015



S APCI 2014 0151


(ACN 082 630 671)









6 March 2015

20 May 2015

[2015] VSCA 105

[2014] VSC 538 (Sifris J)


CORPORATIONS – Deed of indemnity between company and its officer for legal costs and expenses in defending criminal proceedings – Whether present entitlement to be indemnified during proceedings and before verdict, or whether indemnity arises only at the conclusion of proceedings if no finding of guilt – Effect of obligation to refund where officer found guilty – Whether obligation under deed in breach of prohibition in s 199A(3)(b) of the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth) – Rickus v Motor Trades Association of Australia Superannuation Fund Pty Ltd [2010] FCAFC 16; (2010) 265 ALR 112 applied – Leave to appeal granted – Appeal dismissed.


Seb Blatter said...

Dear FIFA,

with all the graft down there, I told youse they really should've got the World Cup(full of cash)!

Dr Frankhamstein said...

Now the Government's Trustee Office is in Court!

Public Trustee fraud after 18-month investigation
By Ruby Cornish

Posted about 2 hours ago
Related Story: Public Trustee Office fraud estimated at $1.6m: report
Map: Canberra 2600

Four men have been summonsed to appear in the ACT Magistrates Court, where they are expected to be charged over an alleged $1.6 million fraud committed on the ACT Public Trustee's office.

The summons are the latest development in a long-running police investigation which began in January of last year, after police were alerted by the ACT's Public Trustee.

The investigation discovered $1.6 million appeared to have been embezzled from accounts held by the office.

Two employees of the office were suspended soon after the discovery, pending disciplinary action, and despite police raids in relation to the fraud, nobody was charged.

More than 18-months on, a combined total of 110 charges are expected to be laid against the four men when they appear in court on November 10.

It is expected that obtaining property by deception and theft will be amongst the charges.

Police today would not confirm whether the two suspended staff members were among the group summonsed."

Yet Bendigo's Ms Frankham is untouchable??????

James Blonde said...

Wow, the new Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull endorsed lots of the recommendations to the Murray Review". Huge numbers of people also want RICO-like laws and prison sentences for the banking ceos.

The Law Institutes think there'll be changes in the legal services board's investigation dept when the anti graft IBAC investigator gets through. I heard there's an investigation into how people with a plastic badge can quiz lawyers about US policies that catch on with Australian politicians. Who does Premiere Daniel Andrews think he is? James Bond?

Inspector Cliquot said...

Gadens and Denton really got hitched like they said!!!!!!

Argos said...

Well well well, a year on and the Gadens and Dentons deal was true.

Was that Foreign Corrupt Practices investigation story true too?

I suppose the Melbourne Club QCs are dunked in the 19th Century dunnies up the back for talking outta school.

The Victorian Ombudsman Service thought there's more corruption in their legal elite than she could poke at stick at.

A Senator called Bill Heffernan also told the Parliament that he has names on police documents! Four Corners or someone like 60 Minutes was onto them I hear. They're running around after whistelblowers and leakers but they can't do a thing because the peds know they're got founded out.

They should pass the Frankham Law asap.

Mick Dunndee said...

glory be, look at what the Parliament has to investigate.

Small Pond said...

Its a Penal Colony, watch your wallet!

I read facebook's page for The Sydney Morning Herald. It says the Victorian Ombudsman thinks theres rackteteering between shifty insurance companies, psychiatrists and doctors. Also on facebook a newspaper says Mr Rundle wanted sex abuse lawyers charged with lying in Court, but the Legal Ethics Board let the lawyers off the hook. Sex abusers are let off. Banks rob old folks with immunity. Unethical banking lawyer run free too.

What is wrong in the penal colony?

Dr Frankhamstein said...

It's getting hotter and hotter down in Van Demons Land. That Tassie Devil Politician smells rats, and we all know what a Tassie Devil does, they're a tornado.

Kelvin Thomson MP and other politicians can't believe the racket they're running down there.

Senator Heffernan thinks there's sick pedos in the law.

The ConnBank was exposed, again, in the Parliamentary Inquiry. Google Ian Narev's Basel II Calculator on youtube.

They're looking if the Legal Board spied on US politicians and the American Express Case witnesses. The egregiousness miners and frackers on the law ethics investigation board know more than that local PTA. This is outrageous.

I think coverups for people like Christine Frankham end up as big scandals with bigger scalps. What say you, Members of the Grand Jury?

Sigmund Fraud said...

I hope they sue those unethical law ethics people for ruining American Express. Did you see that CA is suing them for kerbijillionns? How the mighty could topple from their perch.

$2,500 per credit card 'swipe' is a big slap, not a swipe, Mr Attorney-General Herrerra.

50 Cents said...

Please have a Bex, Marge.

Did you see their Fed Reserve designated American Express, I saw it on "Victims of the Financial Ombudsman" facebook page. That's like corporate handcuffs.

The Federal Police whistleblew on mass killings in Papau New Guineau by lawless bureaucrats, and there's fights in the streets at rallies.

Banana Republicans run their show down there!

BendigoBank are small time street hoods, I think.

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas Hutton Family!

May Santa fill BendigoBank's stockings with coal.

Anonymous said...

Happy New year!

Bonny & Clyde said...

They're getting there slowly (about 80 years after they got Al Capone). I heard they updated their laws in November 2015. But will they get BendigoBankers????

Updated 6 Sep 2015, 3:34pm

Related Story: Bribery allegations against top executives aired under parliamentary privilege

The world's leading lawyers have questioned the ability of the Australian Federal Police to investigate serious corporate crime and called for a new "dedicated agency" to have responsibility for complex financial cases, including foreign bribery.

In a damning submission to the Senate, the International Bar Association (IBA) described Australia's foreign bribery laws as ineffective and our record of enforcement "woeful".

"We have had 15 years of foreign bribery laws in Australia," wrote Robert Wyld, author of the submission.

He said in that time there had been 28 investigations, although 21 of those were dropped and only two were criminal prosecutions.

"The system is not working. Unless people go to jail, unless people see imprisonment as the real ultimate penalty, there will be no behavioural change," Mr Wyld said.
Do you know more about this story? Email

While acknowledging the 2014 improvements of the AFP's Fraud and Anti-Corruption Centre, Mr Wyld, who is co-chair of the IBA's Anti-Corruption Committee, described Australia as a "reactive country, sensitive to external criticism and forced to budget better resources only when it must".

The Australian Wheat Board became embroiled in a kickback scandal more than 10 years ago which saw $300 million funnelled through to the regime of Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein.

The Senate Economics Reference Committee's inquiry into foreign bribery laws is yet to conduct hearings and is due to report its findings on July 1 next year."

Let's hope the Senate grills those lawyers for the banks.

Anonymous said...

Senator Glenn Lazarus is onto them for evicting farmers called Scriven. There must be a Royal Inquest into these Australian Banks!

Anonymous said...

The Aussies are playing catch up with Inquiries into white collar crimes, like this one. Their Bank-run arbitration scam and the unethical legal protection racquet get exposed again at this one. Wtf was McGarvie interfering with?

Anonymous said...

Goodness, I just saw the news say that their 2 major parties don't want a "Federal Anti-Corruption Commission" and a Senator Dastyari says 10 corporations really run the show down there. Shame shame shame. What went wrong?

Anonymous said...

BREAKING: Their SEC might actually do something!

Australia awoke to the earthshattering news that ASIC might do something.

The Australian equivelent of LIBOR Rigging is under investigation.

Now we'll cross live to where all the action is, .... the tea room for Devonshire Scones and Earl Grey!

Anonymous said...

Australian Cross Bench Senators (Independents) want to abolish the bank-run arbitration scam called "FOS". It was caught out for making up false file notes about bank forged documents. Lol. That's right folks. They falsify the falsified to protect the falsifiers. And they're the ethics body. They lied to cover up the lies, and that's the truth.

Better still, the legal ethics body as about 10 people who claim the legal services board was unable to contain leaks to both baddies ....and to secretive prosecution witnesses. McGarvie's inner magic circle couldn't stop the outer staff from saying things to confidential prosecution informants. Will Colombians sue them for hurt feelings, pain and suffering, and mental anguish?

Anonymous said...

The "Cross Bench" Independents want to quiz Bendigo Bank!!!! But the Prime Minister doesn't want to upset the bankers. Says an Independent MP


Senator Lazarus: I won’t be blackmailed into voting for bills by anyone

Senator for Queensland and Leader of the Glenn Lazarus Team, Glenn Lazarus, today stated he was not prepared to be threatened or blackmailed into voting for bills by Malcolm Turnbull or anyone.

“Malcolm Turnbull can threaten me all he likes but I won’t be taking any notice,” Senator Glenn Lazarus said today.

“I answer to the people of Queensland, not him and if he wants to pick a fight with Queensland, then let him.

“As I have already stated, I will only support the ABCC bill if Malcolm amends it to include corruption across all industries including banking, finance and politics.

“The banking sector is one of Australia’s biggest industries and is constantly on the front page of papers for corruption.

“Mums and dads are losing money and their life savings every day at the hands of corrupt advisers and rogue bankers.

“Why won’t Malcolm just admit he needs to do the right thing and broaden the ABCC bill to deal with corruption everywhere.

“Threatening to call a double dissolution if bills are not passed is an abuse and misuse of power.

“Clearly, Malcolm Turnbull is trying to manipulate the crossbench into voting for the ABCC bill.

“The Senate’s job is to review, debate and legislate.

“The reason the ABCC has not yet passed the Senate is that it is an unworkable bill that will have very expensive implications for the budget.

“The ABCC bill needs to make all industries accountable, not just the building and construction industry.

“Recalling the Senate will cost taxpayers even more money, not to mention that a double dissolution election would be one of the most expensive elections in history.

“And while all this is going on, the Turnbull Government is talking about further tax breaks for the big end of town - leaving mums and dads to pay more.

“How can the Turnbull Government reduce corporate taxes any further when many corporates don’t even pay tax. What a stupid idea. It is going to get to the point where the Government is going to have to start paying taxes to corporates.”


Will people power toss out the major parties in their Senate???

Shareholders said...

Oh, btw, your the Australian company commission ASIC and the Victorian Privacy Commission want the Legal Services Board's Miners Frackers and Casino Directors to investigate if their whistleblowers were right, ie they spied on politicians and global antigraft investigation cases. Hmmm. Will the Foreign Bribery law reforms get shelved because of an election?

Anonymous said...

things might get hot this summer.

Mr Andrew Kogan
US Attorneys Office

Dear Sir

Our whistleblowers at the SEC 'Office of the Whistleblower' are interested in the whole lot of cases that "came true" because of the collusion, via cocaine traffickers and colluding lawyers, in the Keila Ravelo and Mel Feliz and Gary Friedman "Burn After Reading Scandal".

We're concerned the criminals use the legal ethics board in Victoria even after the ethics board knew (and hid) admissions they were part of a brilliant set up by McTaggart, Hibbert & Hodges and a pilot Tom Courtney to spy on what our whistleblowers advised the SEC and DoJ Antitrust Division. The nice honest people in the legal ethics board were so worried about the cover up that they told our affiliated parishioners to report things to the FBI and SEC (and those things came true as well).

Later, in August last year Judge Garaufis tore up one class action settlement with 3,400,000 American merchant shops Constantine Cannon Lawyers wanted the court to tear up another settlement deed with 12,000,000 shops that accepted Visa and Mastercard Ravelo confessed. Friedman confessed in September 2015. The Court replaced the lawyers for all the Amex Class Action Stores - 3,400,000 stores were affected by this.
$2.2 Billion and 3,400,000 ripped off stores, scam "lit support firms" like McTaggart & Ravelo & Feliz ran, and cocaine traffickers, shipping containers, insider traders, and lying to the stock market about Reserve Bank information. The legal services board actually tried to say they told a landlord who got evicted. Have you ever heard such an excuse from top lawyers for screwing up the antitrust settlements?

The Feds should drag them over the Pacific.


Maverick Ministries

Anonymous said...

Doctors at Parliamentary Inquiries about the Hush Deed Case must be wrong you reckon? Even though Cohen confirmed in 2016 that the "Higher Ups", ie Managing Director & CEO Ian Narev, knew that bribes were possibly in play. Poor CSC suffered so much loss, that's just bad luck is it?

Anonymous said...

Your CBA Lawyer Mr Cohen definitely told Parliament that he started to search "after June (2015)" (into what the FBI knew from whistleblowers in the SEC) and that coincides with McGarvie learning about the FBI's request for evidence from our SEC Protected Disclosers. McGarvie's whistleblowers instantly spoke to Sgargetta Accounting and told then to report McGarvie to the Victorian Ombudsman, which they did on 1st August 2015. The Ombudsman's email is on the front cover of the Foreign Bribery Inquiry dated 1st August 2015 and says she suspects there is corrupt conduct in McGarvie's Legal Services Board and Legal Services Commission "VLSB". Days later, the whistleblowers leaked the Report to CSC's audit team. Most people would conclude that the Victorian Legal Services Board is in a cover up, wouldn't you say.

Things must be bad when your Major and Minor Political Parties want a Royal Commission.

Australian Politician Senator Phil Ruddock railed against your CBA Bank's practices

Anonymous said...

Yep, Following on from Judge Garaufis' Decision in US & 17 States v Amex Amex Travel, Mastercard Int. & Visa on Feb 19, 2015 shareholders sued the Board of Directors on March 20, 2015. Why is Howard Bowles named in SEC Documents as an Information Source by his own customers. The Insider Share Trade Reports coincided with tip offs. "It was all true" declares Witnesses at Parliamentary Inquiries. There were undercover operations. There was a "$1m Hush Deed" There were threats by Bank Lawyers and the ethics lawyer Howard Bowles against American citizens in the Waldron Family. There were whistleblower tip offs to the Accountant. “After losing my cases over and over, LSBC Insiders whispered to go to VCAT, the FBI and the US SEC. That was how deeply troubled the Legal Services Board and Commission people were. Who would think to call the FBI!? I thought they were insane. I did anyway. I am registered with a group at the SEC and the SEC might pay a reward if the Banks are fined. They spoke to other people about my case even though the LSBC is liable for damages if they blow the whistle or talk to the wrong people. (I estimate that I am entitled to over $3mill.)” “Soon afterwards, Channel 7 News said a tip off last year caused audits and arrests of bank executives. (I think the tip off was from the LSBC whistleblowers to the SEC Witnesses). The FBI wanted the Hush Deed. Inquiries were made by - Auditors from Ace Foundation - Auditors from Computer Science Corporation - An MP about an accountant in Brighton, - Bank Reform people in NSW - 60 Minutes’ producer for the ANZ Story that was aired in August this year - Fairfax and ABC - The FBI “IC” Division. - The SEC Office of the Director of Corporate Compliance - The SEC’s Senior Counsel Mr McCreedy - IBAC anti-corruption commission - Victorian Ombudsman - Parliamentarians who want the names of Legal Services Board officials - about the American Express Case. They lost billions because of the Reserve Bank of Australia “The LSBC told me to go away despite damning evidence and despite the FBI arresting people. You would think the LSBC might see a few ethics issues if banks executives are arrested over the same Hush Deed they said was legal and ethical. "

Anonymous said...

Bob Katter was right about that mine, and that Chinese IT & Mining fellow was a Chinese soldier. This is about a Chinese ex soldier turned billionaire who just bought land next to Australia's ASIO spy headquarters, Mr Guangwei. He was using the Panana Papers to hide his dealings in Australia. Our Protected Disclosure Group supported our small "Independent" Queensland Politicians like Katter to lobby for a Federal "FBI IC". One battle was over this Mr Guandwei's mining interests. Apart from Guanwei ripping everyone off, 'our' politicians oppose the sale of Darwin Port to the Chinese and oppose the strange decisions of our major parties who sell off our ports and farms. Our Protected Disclosers in the SEC were hunted by the very strange Victorian Legal Services Board that happens to be under the control of former VP for Corporate Services at BHP Fiona Bennett and accountants like KMPG. Our Protected Disclosers were hunted by a mining accountant (and stand over man) Trevor McTaggart). The VLSB even wanted to know who "our" politicians were, what Vice President Biden and President Obama were doing over Cybersecurity Week 2015, and what were the FBI IC Unit giving to Federal Police Commander Linda Champion in the Commonwealth Bank IT Bribery Case with Computer Science Corp (CSC) - it does Australia's Defence Computers and the Commonwealth Bank Computer and Medicare Computer. You might want to look into this Mungana Mines/Kagana more closely. Guangwei, who is chairman of Shenzhen Huaqiang Holdings, which produces digital products, is linked to the company that bought a large parcel of land in Canberra next to the new headquarters for the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation. Guangwei also has links with his wife Jia Ling to a network of Chinese investors who have bought into Australia IT companies and mining stocks. We're not sure why our group of SEC Protected Disclosers was targeted by McTaggart and a "legal ethics board" that was more interested in finding out what Americans know but then we read in the paper that the "FBI jumped out of the bushes" on cocaine traffickers and colluders like Keila Ravelo, and jumped on the CSC Bribery Case with Jon Waldron. All the legal services board and commission' concerns with their own whistleblowing tip offs end up "true"!!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Dunne, New Sth Wales Legal Ombudsman

As you know, the CBA's lawyer David Cohen admitted to Senator Fawcett's Inquiry that - like the Victorian Legal Ethics Board told our whistleblowers group to report to the FBI - Ian Narev was told by a whistleblower about bribe concerns.

Says 7 News, it took at FBI Sting to catch the bribery at the Commonwealth Bank in the Computer Bribery Case against Jon Waldron. We know the Victorian Legal service told the crooks, we know because the VLSBs own whistleblowers don't want the FBI to cart them away all because their bosses were up to covering up.

Why did the Victorian Legal Services Board and Commission try to find out why the Sgargetta-Waldron Family - of American Police - gave a strange "$1,000,000 Hush Deed" to the FBI.

7 News were right, weren't they. It was a Sting and the Victorian Legal Services Board weren't in on it with the good guys, were they?

Why was the VLSB "spying" on those politicians and groups that went to the American SEC Office of the Whistleblower BEFORE arrests caught bribery contract people, Mastercard's lawyer Keila Ravelo, cocaine trafficker Mel Feliz, and Colluder Gary Friedman for sharing Australian Reserve Bank documents JUST LIKE the VLSB knew BEFORE the "Fbi jumped from the bushes"?

We'd like a Royal Commission to go through legal files on the boiler room scam "accountant" called McTaggart and all file at the VLSB thank you.

Your buzz off letters unleashed a hive of angry buzzed off people.

When can victims collect our compensation???

Mytton-Watson Family
Submitters to the Parliamentary Inquiry
where the CBA finally admitted they knew
the bribery concerns in the CBA Bank
like McGarvie's Board like the Whistleblowers
advised the Inquiry was the case before
the FBI jumped from the bushes.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Dunne, ethics expert

As a Submitter to Senate Fawcett's Inquiry, please do not underestimate our determination to rip open Pandora's Box with a Royal Commission. There are around 6,000 in our group like Dario, another politically outraged Submitter that McGarvie spied on., ,

1. Mr McGarvie and his cohorts are licensed as everyday "Australian Legal Practitioners" and they are named as Informers to goons and to their own "whistleblowers from the LSBC leakers" in reports about very questionable, and possibly illegal things. Giving our groups privileged information to "Goons" and to insider share traders during court cases that cost American Express, Mastercard and Visa billions, and cost their shareholders and shopkeepers billions, seems corrupt according to the Victorian Ombudsman's views at Sub2 at the Foriegn International Bribery Inquiry. We don't think Mr McGarvie's functions allow conduct that looks corrupt to everyone who passes our complaints like a hot potato. He is an Australian Legal Practitioner according to his lady "Shirley" and he can be investigated as an everyday lawyer. Breaches are things like monumentally breaching everyday lawyer duties like not lying to the Shadow Police Minister Robert Clark, not breaking privilege, and not spying on witnesses during the Strike Force Drawl audits on Mr Cohen's Bribery Case. As a member of the public I feel we can't have lawyers in his high office who protect bankers, funnel international bribes through their mediation scheme, give our information to crooks, and cover up the damage, as in this case.

American Express Shareholders could be sued for $2,000,000,000, and as a lawyer, Mr. McGarvie would know that he is PERSONALLY liable. He would also know that is what his letters say when he qoutes "Part 7" of his Act.

He will also be aware of ordinary everyday concepts like not using his office during elections as a way to obtain intel on what "our" politicians were going to do with Inquiries. We've all worked really hard to get this close to a Royal Commission, and if he wants to use his office to save his mates, where is that covered in his Powers of Appointment? We've also worked hard to have Parliament pass US-Style Racketeering Laws and Wire and Books and Records Anti Corruption Laws. We don't think that Mr Mcgarvie's official duties extend to interfering in politics, or on "spying" on what our politicians tell us, and vice versa.

His Powers won't allow Conflict of Interest particularly if his insurance covers malicious use of his office against people in politics and people at Parliamentary Inquiries. Incidentally our GP at Parliament reported the malice to the American SEC Office of the Whistleblower because we read that "18 USC 1512" is a law that applies to a "foreign government body" that is party to international bribes, threatens SEC Protected Whistleblowers, and colludes and conspires and covers up "wire laws" and "racketeering" types of cases. If his official duties extend to spying on the FBI and Americans, no one can find the relevant section.

We think that his Act doesn't allow him to act officially or unofficially in cases like that, do you?

Spying on the FBI's CBA Computer Bribery Case with Waldron is spelled out by his own Whistleblowers to Sgargetta's registered Whistleblowers, and that can't be part of his official functions, can it? ,.

Anonymous said...

You know McGarvie admitted on spying on Elections and on the FBI investigations into McGarvie's Board from Mining & Gaming Company Directors? He doesn't understand Corrs Chambers? Can a Foreign Government Instrumentality do that? Isn't his Chairwoman from that company that's digging up Apache land in Arizona, BHP?

Anonymous said...

Jeepers look at this! Chinese interests play increasing role in Australian political donations

May 21, 2016 - 11:45PM
Companies linked to Chinese conglomerate Yuhu Group made a donation to Andrew Robb's fundraising entity.

Companies linked to Chinese conglomerate Yuhu Group made a donation to Andrew Robb's fundraising entity. Photo: Louie Douvis. A Chinese government-backed propaganda unit and a swag of companies that stand to gain from the China Australia Free Trade Agreement have made more than half a million dollars of political donations in Victoria, raising concerns about the influence of foreign donors.

Companies linked to Chinese conglomerate Yuhu Group made a donation to then trade minister Andrew Robb's fundraising entity the day the trade deal was clinched.

Chinese money has become so important to Australian political parties that, at a recent glitzy fundraiser, Victorian Liberal president Michael Kroger made sure there was an interpreter to translate the auction.

Donors with strong links to China contributed $555,000 to the two major parties and fundraising entities in Victoria, a Fairfax Media analysis of Australian Electoral Commission data for 2014-15 reveals.

At least three donors failed to disclose their contributions to the Australian Electoral Commission.

Bayside Forum, which supports the federal Liberal candidate in the seat of Goldstein (where Mr Robb is set to be succeeded by former Human Rights Commissioner Tim Wilson at the July 2 federal election), accepted $100,000 in donations from executives of Chinese agriculture, property development and infrastructure company Yuhu Group.

At the time, Mr Robb was negotiating both ChAFTA and the 12-country Trans-Pacific Partnership.

Whistleblowers said...

Sounds like you'll get your Royal Commission of Investigation into those Banks and their lawyer buddies, and receivership pals. The gravy train might be in trouble. Hey I read the Mastercard & Visa Settlement with its Merchants, like the Amex/Merchant Settlement was derailed by unethical legal ethics. Those Aussies in their Legal Services Board were caught out by a FBI Sting according to 7News in Brisbane by Anne Sanders, and a Royal Inquiry should dig up a few skeletons in that closet. The Goldman Sachs Prime Minister also has to hand the keys back to his Lodgings at Parliament House, probably to the guy Shorten who wanted the same Royal Commission that Nasga readers want to see cleans out the corruption down there. Cheers.

Anonymous said...

Can a Royal Commission investigate past Legal Privlege? Derry Hinch's team thinks they can go right all the way into the Due Diligence in the Gadens/Denton Merger. FOS' goose is cooked, no?

Anonymous said...

New Australian "One Nation" Senator, Rod Culleton, told Malcolm Turnbull to get cracking on a Royal Commission.

Anonymous said...

Wow, that uber hi level Commonwealth Bank executive Keith Hunter was jailed in Sydney today for bribery that tricked the Defence and Health contractor, Computer Science Corp in Nevada, to pay $98,000,000 in bonuses to the ex IT expert to the Clinton Global Initiative and Al Gore. Same legal ethics eagle Howard Bowles is in the case with Podesta's friend, Julia Gillard. It really is a Penal Colony full of Banks and pizza shops down there.

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas and Happier New Year, to all our pals in Penn, ....and to the bankers who are going into the other Pen :). I.T Expert Keith Hunter's associate, Bradley Twynham, just lost his house in Brentwood Beverley Hills to forfieture, and the Legal Services Board will get a Prezzie from anti-pedo party Senator, Derryn Hinch. Derryn wants Submissions to his Inquiry into the Legal Board tipoffs to whistleblowers. Happy New Year to Podesta's friends from Slater and Gordon, Julie Gillard and Michael McGarvie!

Anonymous said...

Marcia S. and Catherine F and Marty might like to look at Section 4 about elder exploitation. In the case of the Commonwealth Bank of Australia, it's I.T division is already prosecuted by the (now ex) chief of the US Attorney of the organised crime division who said that US Pension Funds can't be misled by bankers who hide global organised crime moneylaundering and the funding of Al Quada from investment pension funds like Calstrs. They even disbarred Mastercard's lawyer, Ms Keila Ravelo, and jailed transnational narcotics criminals who doctored up Reserve Bank evidence in cases that affected retailers and restarants like Italian Colors in Oakland. Do you think the Royal Commission should speak to expert prosecutors like the ones who can extradite foreign officials in foreign feifdoms?