Monday, January 20, 2014

Marie Winkelman’s Case demands Litigation, not Mediation, to protect her Life, Liberty and Property?

This is the second column I have written about Marie Winkelman. Read the first column by clicking here. Marie is the author of a book about her experiences as a Holocaust survivor in Poland titled “Keeping A Promise: To Tell My Story of Survival in Warsaw During WW II.”

Marie is another victim of financial guardianship abuse.  The first I wrote about was Al Katz, the father of Beverly Newman, another Holocaust Survivor.

What is at stake here? A woman’s life, liberty and her property valued in excess of $3 million… in this case, a Holocaust Survivor who in childhood was robbed of her property and stability and now is re-living the traumas of betrayal and asset seizure.  Who benefits from Marie’s guardianship? Robert and Corinne Szychowski and the State of Florida’s guardianship system.

What is happening? The systematic financial abuse of an elder.

Audrey Bear
Audrey Bear, Marie’s lawyer, at a court hearing before Sarasota County Probate Court Judge Deno Economou on January 8, 2014 agreed to “mediate her clients capacity” with lawyers representing Robert Szychowski. This is not what Marie wants according to Beverly Newman, Director of the Al Katz Center.

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Marie Winkelman’s Case demands Litigation, not Mediation, to protect her Life, Liberty and Property?


Adam said...

Beverly Newman will never give up until Marie Winkelman is freed!

StandUp said...

Thank you for staying on this case, Beverly, and never letting go.

B Inberg said...

Perseverance by Beverly Newman is remarkable.

With deep appreciation to the reporter for his eyes and ears on this process.

If Marie Winkleman didn't have a price tag of $3 million dollars she wouldn't be a target.

Think not?

If this was about caring, there wouldn't be one homeless person in the entire nation.

And this story hits close to home, my ancestors share the same beginnings.

Shame shame shame on those who are milking this scheme, fits the national pattern of operation. God will judge them without mercy.

Carole said...

Praying for Marie Winkelman...