Thursday, April 30, 2015

Florida Advocate Teresa Tozzo-Lyles Interviewed About Guardianship Abuse

Advocate Teresa Tozzo-Lyles is interviewed by WUFT-TV, describing the primary tactics of court-appointed for profit guardianships: Isolate, Medicate, Take The Estate. Tozzo-Lyles discusses with reporter Richard Gomez about the hoped-for changes in Guardianship, with today's (April 28, 2015) passage by the Florida Senate of HB5. This legislation changes the way guardians are appointed and explicitly prohibits the abuse, exploitation or neglect of an elderly ward.

WUFT-TV interviews Teresa Tozzo-Lyles about abusive guardianship

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Will said...

Good job Teresa!

Anonymous said...

The before and after pictures are very telling. I will pray for this family.

Christi said...

I know what you're going through Teresa and I'm sorry. I've been there and it's awful. I will pray for your Mother as well.