Monday, November 9, 2015

ABC Action News, Sarasota FL: Guardianship Complication

Published on Oct 30, 2015
"Imagine, just for a moment, a court-appointed Guardian taking complete control of every aspect of your elderly Mom or Dad's life..." Alan Cohn, Lead Anchor, News 7 at 7, Florida ABC SunCoast News reporting on the financial and emotional exploitation that is alleged to have been perpetrated by Lutheran Services against Marie London, an 87 year-old who Lutheran Services has under guardianship.

Despite the availability of Ms. London's adult daughter Julie, who is able, willing, and wants very much to be able to take care of her mother, without any unwanted & very expensive "assistance" from Lutheran Services, Lutheran Services REFUSES to relinquish Ms London from their control that they sought & established over Ms London through the court-ordered guardianship. This seizure of legal control of another human being that literally turns the Ward (in this case Marise London) into a piece of property that is legally owned by a Guardian (Lutheran Services) was instituted when Ms London's daughter first sought Adult Protective Services (Florida's) help in taking care of her ailing mother.

BEWARNED: Just a simple call for help to a public state agency charged with helping the elderly can land that elderly person into the clutches of a court-ordered guardian who will not relinquish control of another human being -- their property, their Ward -- until every penny of that human beings' money (the Ward's money) has been drained from them.

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ABC Action News, Sarasota FL: Guardianship Complication


Anonymous said...

Well done, Julie!

StandUp said...

Lutheran Family Services has been caught putting their noise (and their greedy paws) where they don't belong. Thank you to ABC Action News for bringing this to the public's awareness.

Trisha Wright said...

I am praying for you and your Mom, Julie. And praying that LFS resigns quickly.

Betty said...

It's ridiculous what this family has been through. Shame on the state of Florida.

Phyllis said...

I fear they'll hold on to the very last dollar, Julie. You are working hard to protect your Mom and I am sure she is very proud of you. I know I cam.