Friday, November 6, 2015

District attorney creates new elder abuse unit

The Clark County district attorney's office on Wednesday announced the creation of a new elder abuse unit to prosecute crimes against the aged and vulnerable.

Cases involving physical or mental abuse, neglect, isolation and financial exploitation will now be prosecuted by two specialized deputy district attorneys. Those cases had previously been handled by the office's general prosecutions teams.

"The protection of our seniors from fraud, theft and abuse is the responsibility of all agencies in the criminal justice system," District Attorney Steve Wolfson said in a release. "These crimes target some of our most vulnerable citizens, can be devastating to a family, and have far-reaching impacts on our community as a whole."

According to the news release, 61 cases qualified as elder abuse cases in 2014, and 32 through the first half of 2015.

"We are pleased that District Attorney Wolfson has recognized the need for specially trained prosecutors, who can ensure that those who abuse and exploit our senior population are brought to justice," Sugar Vogel, Executive Director of the Southern Nevada Senior Law Program, said in the release. "All too often, those abused are dependent, in some way, on their abuser. It is important that their call for help will not fall on deaf ears."

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District attorney creates new elder abuse unit


Anonymous said...

Has April Parks been arrested? Her arrest would be a good first step!

Anonymous said...

Not only that, Anonymous, but Commissioner Norheim and Judge Hoskins have yet to be held accountable for their part in the whole mess.

Boomers Against Elder Abuse said...

And what about Jared Shafer? How many families does he have to destroy before he is called to task? There are 81 complaints against him on Rip Off Report. Check it out. The comments will make your skin crawl. Here's just one quote from a victimized family: "Jared Shafer was appointed by the court as a guardian for my mother because I was living outside the United States. When I returned to my home in Arizona, Shafer did everything he could to stop me from taking care of her. When I received the courts accounting for his services, the statements showed he had taken over $200,000 from my mother for 30 hours of so-called guardian services. After several attempts through attorneys to challenge this, Shafer and I had it out in person. Jared Shafer said "you stupid fool, I've been bribing these Nevada judges for over 30 years. They let me do what I want. When I say jump, these b**tards ask me how high. My case is going to the Nevada Supreme court.It will take at least two years.Jared Shafer needs to be stopped.My mother has $50,000 left and when this money runs out, she will be a ward of the tax payers.Stop Mr. Shafer before it is too late. Shafer has over 100 families to rip off with the permission of the Nevada courts."--Rip Off Report