Thursday, March 17, 2016

Randy Meisner Fights Kids Over Conservatorship Plans

Eagles co-founder Randy Meisner is fighting his estranged children's efforts to place him under their conservatorship.

The veteran rocker's relatives have been concerned for his mental wellbeing after his wife Lana shot herself during a domestic dispute at their Studio City, Los Angeles home on 6 March (16) - two days before Meisner's 70th birthday.

Authorities subsequently ruled Lana's death was accidental, amid reports suggesting Meisner, who has previously battled drink and drug addictions, was struggling to cope with the tragedy.

His estranged kids are allegedly hoping to have him placed under their conservatorship, but the former Eagles bassist is objecting to their plans and he has filed legal papers in a Los Angeles court outlining his own request.

In the documents, obtained by, Meisner admits he needs help as he is in a "profound state of grief", and he is asking a judge to name a "trusted friend" and his financial advisor as his conservators.

It's not the first time Meisner has faced a conservatorship. Last year (15), a judge appointed a temporary conservator to oversee his medical care after his longtime pal, James Newton, claimed the star had become a victim of spousal abuse and was being kept in a constantly drunken state by his wife, Lana.

Newton also alleged Meisner, who had previously been diagnosed as bipolar, had threatened to overdose on pills. The musician and his spouse, who he wed in 1996, denied the allegations.

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Randy Meisner Fights Kids Over Conservatorship Plans


StandUp said...

I feel so sorry for Randy and what he's been through. And we don't know if his kids are estranged or not. Media often exaggerates the situation to sell their story. I wish him the best and I hope his kids end up in his life.

Rachel said...

Prayers for this suffering family.

Mary said...

God be with you Randy

BInberg said...

I hope the family can get a plan in place that is satisfactory to Randy and his concerned children.

Lawyers most often exaggerate the situation and sometimes initiate conflict so they are needed and sorry to say to lay the groundwork, the history for their case for conservatorship of person and estate.

I fear Randy's life as he knew it ended the moment the shot rang out from that firearm.

Time will tell.