Tuesday, June 14, 2016

BIG WIN! Judge Orders Investigation of Joliet Area Community Hospice in Matter of Chester Siniawski!

The family of Chester Siniawski caught a big break on 6/8/16, when a judge in Will County ordered that a new interim guardian be appointed for Chester to investigate what has been done to him at the Joliet Area Community Hospice. The judge, thus, removed Chester’s wife Marian as guardian and revoked her power of attorney. The judge then selected a guardian with experience investigating cases where older people or the disabled are abused. That new guardian is now on a fact-finding mission to get to the bottom of what has been done to this poor man.

The new interim guardian will speak with the Siniawski family and address their allegations against the Joliet Area Community Hospice. More importantly, the guardian is bringing in a new team of doctors to give second opinions and investigate why Chester has been administered death cocktails and why he has been starved while in the hospice. They are going to be reviewing all the charts, running new tests, and determining how to make Chester healthy (and not kill him). The Siniawski family hopes that the new guardian will remove Chester from that horrible facility entirely and take him to a hospital, where he will be fed and nourished and nursed back to health…instead of him being murdered, which is what was happening at the Joliet Area Community Hospice.

Court watchers report that the judge was very angry with both Marian and the hospice because neither of them could produce any records or documents explaining why Chester was being deprived of food and why he was being given a death cocktail to euthanize him. They stood there with no documents whatsoever that could support the positions they have taken that Chester should be starved to death and denied food because that’s just what Marian wants (and she doesn’t want him to be in a wheelchair, so death is better).

None of this “death is better” hooey sat well with the judge, who acted fast to bring in the interim guardian who will suss out the situation before a final decision is made on who will be in charge of Chester’s recovery once he is removed from the house of horrors that is the Joliet Area Community Hospice.

Chester is not out of the woods yet, but this is the first break that the Siniawski family has caught. With luck and prayer, Chester can be evaluated by new doctors and he should be taken to a hospital where Marian and others who hoped to starve Chester will not be able to harm him any longer. No doubt, the ghouls in that awful hospice are gnashing their teeth and clawing at the air, enraged they will not be able to snuff out Chester’s life as they had planned. Not today, Satan, not today.

Please continue to spread the word about Chester’s plight and also pray that the death cocktails that the Joliet Area Community Hospice have administered to Chester do not destroy his liver and kill him as they are intended to do. Chester needs to survive and have those toxic chemicals leave his body so he can speak and tell the doctors what the hospice and Marian were doing to him. Chester needs to get well enough to point fingers at the people who were trying to kill him and hopefully law enforcement will eventually listen. He needs to be able to once again say that he wants to live, just as he was able to do until 6/5/16 when the death cocktails started being pumped into this man to silence him.

Once Chester is on the mend, I hope and pray that the Siniawski family looks into holding the Joliet Area Community Hospice and Marian accountable for what they have done to Chester since April. No one should be starved to death deliberately in America just because a selfish person does not want to have to deal with him being in a wheelchair (and hospice staff are ghouls who allow such a thing).

Please keep praying for Chester. I firmly believe it is your prayers that brought this big win…and will bring other big wins in days ahead.

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BIG WIN! Judge Orders Investigation of Joliet Area Community Hospice in Matter of Chester Siniawski!


Alice said...

Praise God!

Harold said...

Hospice isn't what it used to be. Too many greedy people got involved and now it's big business.

StandUp said...

Good! Finally a win for the underdog!

Diane Lents said...

A miracle for Chester!