Friday, October 28, 2016

2 N.J. adult day care facilities pay $650K to settle Medicaid fraud claims

TRENTON — Two adult day care facilities will pay a combined $650,000 to settle allegations of Medicaid fraud and shoddy record-keeping, state authorities said Tuesday.

Broadway Adult Day Care in Fair Lawn and Bayonne Adult Medical Day Care will each pay $325,000 through the agreement with the Medicaid Fraud Division at the state Comptroller's Office. Neither has admitted any wrongdoing.

In both cases, investigators from the Comptroller's Office say they found the facilities failed to keep adequate records over a five-year period to prove that services billed to Medicaid had actually been performed.

According to the complaints, the Broadway facility couldn't prove it had performed services including blood glucose monitoring for needy patients, and Bayonne had no records showing its monitoring program was being performed according to physician orders.

State Comptroller Philip James Degnan said in a statement such bookkeeping is "essential, as it documents the services that were provided and paid for" and is required under state law.

Degnan's office said anyone who suspects Medicaid fraud can report the abuse by phone at 1-888-937-2835 or by submitting a complaint form at

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2 N.J. adult day care facilities pay $650K to settle Medicaid fraud claims


Steve said...

The article doesn't say how much Medicaid accused them of defrauding. Was it more then $650 thousand? Was it twice that?

Anonymous said...

If they didn't have enough to prosecute, Steve, then making a deal was a good move.