Sunday, June 11, 2017

Keeping Low Income Seniors and Pets Together

Numerous food pantries across the United States generously offer groceries to humans in need, and now there are pantries focused on the other members of the family – pets!

The Pet Food Pantry of Orlando, Florida, focuses on serving the pets of low-income seniors. Without this service, many of these seniors would be unable to keep their pets, as the cost to feed them is often beyond what their fixed budgets allow. Volunteers deliver monthly boxes of pet food and treats to the seniors, allowing them the ability to stay home if there are any mobility issues. The service is truly a life saver for all, allowing families to stay together.


In addition to the Pet Food Pantry in Orlando, many animal shelters across the country have pet food banks for those in need. Call your local Humane Society, animal shelter, or veterinarian if you or someone you know needs assistance.

Keeping Low Income Seniors and Pets Together


Rachel said...

It's a real worry because old folks can barely take care of themselves, let alone feed their pets. Same with the homeless.

Betty said...

Love this!