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In Memory of Reporter Dwayne "Deuke" Eukel: Reports on Jared Shafer

Dwayne "Deuke" Eukel
07/23/55 - 12/04/15
During the 1990's, I had pleasure of knowing and working with Dwayne "Deuke" Eukel. He was a highly skilled investigative reporter who worked briefly in Las Vegas for a weekly publication. During his tenure, Mr. Eukel authored the following articles that were recently discovered in his personal notes after his death in 2015.
- Steve Miller

"Criminal Extraordinaire"
By Dwayne "Deuke" Eukel
Senior Editor, Las Vegas Tribune, Monday, December 8, 2008

Seven years after writing a series of articles in the Las Vegas Tribune, about the abuses of former Clark County Public Administrator/Public Guardian, Jared Shafer; many individuals are contacting me asking for help to call attention, once again, to what they consider (as would any reasonable person) to be the continued abuse of certain citizens that have fallen into Shafer's hands as a "court appointed guardian."

Shafer started a private "guardianship" (Fiduciary) business in Las Vegas, Nevada, and had his first "client," before he even left the Public Administrator's office in 2003. A hearing conducted by the Clark County Commission's Ethic's Committee looked into the charge that Shafer had used his public office to further a private career.

The results of the hearing determined that while Shafer was indeed still "officially" in office, he took on the clients, with the convenient misunderstanding that he was already out of office. Records show that he had received his last pay check only days before he left office, not to mention a $70,000 payment for all the "sick time" he never took.

Many believe that his paycheck and his "sick leave" payment, wasn't all he took home with him to his new and exciting business of private guardianship. Some believe that Shafer probably got away with hundreds of millions in cash, and jewelry and other valuable items.

Recently, individuals have surfaced to tell me that Shafer's abusive practices are still ongoing. One client, who wishes to remain anonymous, told me that Shafer sits in the back of Family Court, waiting for uncontested guardianship issues that involve wealthy seniors; looks to the judge "who seems to be in his pocket, or on his payroll" and has the judge appoint Shafer as guardian of those individuals.

The law requires that an inventory list of property and assets are to be reported within 60 days by the guardian. It is reported that Shafer has not complied with this requirement -- "ever."

Complaints about personal property being pilfered; cash, known to be in the homes of these wealthy senior citizens, being stolen; antiques, jewelry, and later, real property, becoming liquidated, are numerous. Complaints that his clients get no care, or low quality care is so prevalent that it is incredible he has not been charged with serious crimes.

Jared Shafer seems to have gotten away with more criminal behavior than anyone I know. It is my belief that he does so with the blessing of judges, and lawyers and ultimately, law enforcement agencies that have either turned a blind eye to his practices, or do not have "iron-clad" cases tied up in pretty little packages with neat little bows on top.

In my opinion, the Justice Department should be scrutinizing Shafer with a powerful magnifying glass. And folks, be it known that this kind of thing goes on all over the country. This is an ugly blight in America and ought to be stopped immediately. How about it President Obama - could you look into these charges please?

The following articles are being republished in this format. Originally, I wrote the articles as the Senior Editor for the Las Vegas Tribune from 2002 to 2004. I will add updates to this ongoing story as they come in, because sincerely folks, according to several sources, Jared Shafer continues his so called, "Legal thievery and abuse."

These sources have indicated that Jared Shafer is reinforced through a corrupt judicial system in Nevada; that he continues "confiscating personal property for personal gain, and seizes real estate belonging to families caught in his web of lies."

All of this, we're told, through attorney-driven maneuvering, which on the face of it, seems legal. However, as my investigation back then proved, and sources today still accuse, Jared Shafer, either directly or through "minions," continues elderly abuse, grand theft, and fraud. "It still boggles our minds that he has not been arrested and thrown into jail; if anyone deserves it, it is Jared Shafer," states a family member of one of his Family Court appointed wards.

These latest allegations toward Shafer, are under investigation.


The following news article was originally published June 16, 2002

A News Story That Should Not Go Away
By D. "Deuke" Eukel
(former) - Las Vegas Tribune  Senior Editor

There are some news stories that just won't go away, especially when it involves serious events and determined individuals. Others in high places wish these particular stories and the persons writing them -- would just go away.

Anna Marie Gaule
The story of a wealthy elderly widow named Anna Marie Gaule, 70, and her son Thomas, who have been lifetime residents of Las Vegas; and of the story of Thomas, who was almost murdered by hired thugs, (they used 100,000 volt tasers on him), November 25th 1998, "Because," he said, "Since 1996, I have desperately been trying to rescue my mother from the hold of the public guardian’s office - namely Jared Shafer."

This intertwined story bears more scrutiny than most. Thomas told the Las Vegas Tribune that his mother, Anna Marie, was "abducted from her home by persons associated with the public administrator, Jared Shafer." And he added, "They have used their power and influence to steal every dollar they can get their devious hands on...and now they're trying to kill her with drugs and serious beatings."

The events surrounding Thomas and his mother -- is one of those stories that refuse to fade away. In a recent Las Vegas Tribune article, Thomas Gaule accused Jared Shafer, the retiring public administrator, and formerly public guardian, of being a "thief and a murderer." Gaule is not alone in his accusations. He said he "feels alone his court battle, against the public administrator," which he says, have been able to "control courts, police and even the FBI. None of these entities have lifted a finger to help, or even care," Gaule said.

"This is what we have come to. Police won't take reports, charges aren't filed, courts won't listen to evidence and the FBI has decided not to investigate public officials’ criminal actions any longer," stated Gaule.

Gaule added that, "Maybe if Dan Rather were here... or that show, 48-Hours came to Vegas to look into these events, then people would listen to the emergency cries for help and get off their tush and look into what’s happening here. It’s as if we're screaming and there is no voice. It’s like everyone’s in a coma.... People say, oh that’s terrible, but what they don't realize is that it has been happening wholesale for years. You think my mother is the only one this has happened to? There are thousands of elderly people that have no family that have been taken by the public administrator’s office, stripped of any dignity, raped financially and then eventually drugged to death."

When asked to explain his volatile accusations, Gaule presented the Tribune with documents which gave proof of potentially lethal drugs that were being administered to his mother by at least three doctors in Las Vegas, who according to Gaule, "were being subtly contracted by the public administrator’s office. While in the ‘care’ of facilities controlled by Shafer," Gaule said.

He has continued an ongoing court battle -- " at least get judges to look at the evidence of Shafer’s pilfering of financial accounts, and blatant abuse by employees in at least one Las Vegas nursing home. If the employees at the nursing homes aren't beating her up, the psychiatrists are slowly killing her with drugs. If I hadn't had three different psychiatrists removed because of the drugs they had prescribed to her needlessly, she'd be dead...." Gaule said.

He added, "Look at this," he said, producing pharmaceutical documents, which describe various drug manufacturer's warnings. The pages explained the lethal dangers involved with the intake of particular drugs -- prescribed to persons with certain disorders.

"These are what psychiatrists were giving my mother...she has a minor illness that these drugs have exacerbated and that are slowly killing her," said Gaule.

Gaule then stated, "First it started as high doses of Ibuprofen," (an over the counter drug, which slows the circulation and oxygen to the brain) "... Then they gave her, Zyprexa, Mellaril, Effexor, Paxil and other drugs. All these chemicals have one thing in common: they harm specifically, women, the elderly and those with specific illnesses. There are descriptions of, Sudden Death Syndrome, and in several, unbelievably can create Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, and other diseases. Also that 'death may occur' - due to respiratory and circulatory depression."

Gaule pointed to another portion of the startling information: "You see this, it's the telltale; ‘no known antidote,’ which is at the tip of the iceberg," he said. "The result of ingesting these drugs and others in certain patients is the same – the cause and conditions and diseases they are supposed to stop, can cause other diseases or death."

Thomas has been in court so often he says he has an in-depth understanding of how the system is working against the victim instead of protecting their rights as the courts should be, "especially here in Nevada," he told the Tribune.

"I have been to the so-called, ‘Family Court’ so many times that I could draw a picture of the stains on the walls." In two separate court hearings, Judge William Voy and Judge Diane C. Steele told Gaule -- that they "saw nothing wrong." Even after viewing pictures of Thomas’ mother, which depicted the results of several beatings she has suffered at the hands of caretakers employed at the now defunct Blanca Retirement Home often used by Shafer.

When Thomas discovered the brutality, he called police, (who filed no charges), and then had her removed and taken to the El Jen Center, where he says, "abuse has continued to take place there also."

A brutal attack on Thomas in 1998 was spotlighted on local TV news, but "....No one except the Las Vegas Tribune has done anything to publicize this story about my mother and Jared Shafer’s involvement, up till now. It was the whole reason for the attack on me. The two attackers were caught in my home riffling through my mother's personal files. Where was the RJ or the Las Vegas Sun then?" Gaule asks. "Reporters did not delve into the probable involvement of the Public Guardian's office," stated Gaule. "The only things taken were my mother's real estate and financial documents."

Though he has power-of-attorney, the courts and attorneys who seem to be controlling the affairs of his estate and his mother have turned a deaf ear, and are accused of violating many of Anna Marie and Thomas' Constitutional rights. "There seems to be no remedy," he said resigned. "If we could only get people to be angry enough for my mother and for the hundreds of others like her..." Gaule said. "They have seen shows, read newspaper stories, heard about the abuse that takes place all over the country. And in our own back yard, here in Vegas, there is an elderly woman, my mom, taken from her home, robbed of her estate, all because she became disoriented one day in 1996. And (formerly) the public guardian, now public administrator literally laughs in court at the injustice he has personally caused. He used my mother’s minor illness as an avenue to proclaim her ‘incompetent.’ He created the original document that had her forged signature on it that put her in guardianship in the first place. Her signature was completely different on the document than her actual signature. Its so tragic," stated Gaule, "That was the document that led to her eventual demise and death."

Gaule continued, “Shafer has taken money directly from our accounts, and, I believe, tried to have me killed, and my pleadings are completely ignored by the police and court. Why aren't people storming the halls of the courthouse? Are they afraid? Of course they are. Have they forgotten what it was we founded this country on? Most likely. and probably because they don't even know the history -- Is America no longer America? Maybe. But I can't believe people have become so callous or afraid that they will let these bullies, who have used a system of Machiavellian law to abuse us and steal our lives from us," Gaule said.

Last year, Anna Marie Gaule was taken to Summerlin Hospital from the El Jen Center from what appeared to be another beating at the Blanca Retirement Home controlled by Shafer. She was going "in and out of consciousness and having seizures," a doctor at the hospital told Gaule later.

Shelly Cher, a caseworker at the public guardian’s office called Thomas and asked him if he wanted his mother to be taken from life support. "I was shocked. I got to the hospital and talked to the doctor on duty and he told me that he 'didn't like what he saw. Dr. Lindsay Hansen, Anna Marie Gaule’s doctor, called the hospital to gloss over the incident at El Jen," according to Gaule. Dr. Hansen explained to the doctor at Summerlin Hospital that Mrs. Gaule was being prescribed Dilantin for her seizures. The Summerlin doctor was so angry that he refused to receive anymore calls from Dr. Hansen. I told the doctor that my mother was having the seizures from being beat up...tell them to just stop beating her," Thomas plead.

Thomas Gaule asked in court for an injunction against El Jen Center and Dr. Lindsay Hansen, to discontinue prescribing and administering ‘Dilantin’, which Gaule pointed out on the manufacturer’s label that it actually, "caused seizures." The Family Court judge refused.

Dilantin is the trade name for Phenytoin, which in the Merck Manual (so-called, chemical bible) states: "causes seizures." But, according to Gaule, under the guise of the public administrator’s office (Jared Shafer) and the El Jen Center, they refused to stop administering the drug, "which attacks the brain and stops blood to the brain of the elderly – with side-effects that could kill a horse.... Dilantin is primarily used to treat epilepsy, even though my mother never had the disease.”

"I thought with all the evidence, the District Court would certainly stop this nightmare. So I went to Judge Mark Gibbons -- where he told me his court only heard injunction cases." But on the day of the hearing, Gaule was told that the case should be sent to the probate court, even though Mrs. Gaule was still alive.

A new hearing in ‘Family Court' is set for Wednesday, June 19, 2002.

"Tell your readers, if they don't believe this is happening, show up in court and see it for themselves," Gaule concluded.


"Public Enemy Number One"
-- Jared Shafer –

By D. "Deuke" Eukel
(Former) - Las Vegas Tribune Senior Editor
Originally published September 11, 2004

A formal complaint was filed with the Clark County Commission in Las Vegas, Nevada, which names retired Public Administrator Jared E. Shafer as responsible for a bevy of crimes allegedly perpetuated by him and staff members while he was the Public Guardian.

The complaint, which was handed personally to Clark County Commission Chairman Dario Herrera by Thomas Gaule, the son of Anna Marie Gaule, who is considered one of many victims of Shafer’s “exploits against the elderly,” names Shafer as the responsible party in the “abduction and exploitation” of Anna Marie Gaule, as well as being responsible for many other crimes concerning the Gaule estate.

Jared Shafer
Court documents show that several lawsuits have been filed against Shafer over the past 23 years, which claim that through his direction as Public Guardian and Administrator, “estates have been pilfered and exploited, beneficiaries discredited, and elderly persons have been drugged needlessly....”

In a previous article published in the Las Vegas Tribune, Shafer was accused by former Clark County employees of ordering that several savings bonds, which were already made out to family beneficiaries, be stamped with the Public Administrator’s seal and then cashed. Shafer has given no comment in that matter, and refuses to answer calls directed to his office.

Gaule calls Shafer, “Public enemy number one,” as do many others. In a letter addressed to Nevada officials, and media sources, Gaule writes: “If the elderly were treated as well as criminals, they would have more rights than what is allotted to them as 'wards of the State.' I ask, what has become of justice? These so called professionals take their victims by force silently out of their homes and imprison them and then poison them for what they say is 'their own good.'” According to Thomas, the very next business day it is down to the routine of stealing, pilfering and ripping-off all the victim’s finances and everything else under the sun, right down to their prepaid burial plots. The victims are warehoused in ‘unmarked group homes,’ or discreet secret facilities....

And then there are the "premature deaths" which occur as the inescapable result of being "under the care and custody and control, of Jared Shafer as the Public Guardian," according to Thomas Gaule.

According to Gaule's documents, Anna Marie is officially number 17,772 in real numbers that are now above 25,000 persons who have become “wards of the State," and in control of the State of Nevada, (and formerly, Jared Shafer.) And there are no more than 500 alive at any time with as many as 3,500 new potential victims added per month. Gaule added that the “cast of crooks" include, attorney Patricia Trent, Shafer’s public and private attorney, "who plays both sides of the fence against all victims." Gardner Jolley, Shafer’s personal and corporate attorney, "who stealthily steals every penny he can get his hands on under the veil of the Wells Fargo Bank," stated Thomas.

When Thomas went to Wells Fargo to withdraw over $2.3 million that was in his family trust account, attorney Gardner Jolly allegedly told him “sue us.”

“There are also judges that come into play from the head States Supreme Court to Family Court Judges, along with a cadre of crooked attorneys," according to Gaule.

In a telephone conversation with then-Clark County Commissioner Bruce Woodbury, who is also a partner in the law firm Gardner Jolley, Woodbury, he told the Tribune that if a complaint was filed with the County Commissioners, it would be their practice to “turn it over to the County Manager or the DA, if the complaint is deemed to be serious enough.”

When asked if the County Manager’s office had investigators that would independently check out the allegations, Woodbury said that as far as he knew the County Manager would use whatever means he had to investigate the complaints, including using detectives at the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department.

Asked why the County Commission had been ignoring the allegations made by several “victims,” when reports of the abuses had been turned over to the FBI, the U.S. Attorney, the Nevada Attorney General’s Office, and other official entities – Woodbury said that though he knew of articles in the Las Vegas Tribune, as well as other media sources, there had been “ formal complaints filed recently with the Commission. "It's my understanding that the U.S. Attorney or other law enforcement agencies would have jurisdiction,” stated Woodbury.

When told of the NRS statutes that explain that the County Commissioners were the investigating authority in any complaint brought against a county official, Woodbury paused and said that he would look into the matter when presented with a formal complaint.
Thomas Gaule filed an official complaint. Other persons who claim to be “victims” of Jared Shafer’s “criminal actions,” told the Tribune they would be filing formal complaints as well.

(Editor's note: On April 22, 2015, the Clark County Commission began taking complaints from guardianship victims and their families. The Commission's action resulted in the removal of Family Court Judges Charles Hoskin and his appointed Guardianship Commission Jon Norheim from all guardianship cases. More Information: )


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