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Husband Rescues Wife from Board and Care Facility on Valentine’s Day

Credell & Katherine Carter
The Carter family believes it was a matter of life or death. Katherine Carter hadn’t been home since September 2017 when she went into rehabilitation where she was doing fine—until she was sent to a board and care facility selected by a conservator of the Alameda Probate Court in December 2017, after her insurance ran out.

Katherine Carter has failed to thrive and continues to decline despite efforts by the family to adhere to Carter’s doctor’s request for a more skilled facility. Their request was denied.

The conservator chose instead a place she deemed “culturally appropriate.” Mrs. Carter is African-American.

Under choices made under the conservator’s “care,” Katherine’s on-going chronic kidney dysfunction was not addressed, her ankles began to swell, and she developed a blood clot in her left leg.

Any time the family requested that meals be adjusted because of high sodium levels, they were ignored. When a request was made for her to see the doctor, they were ignored and were informed by the conservator that there was not an immediate need.

The last straw occurred for the Carter family after the family took Katherine to the hospital last week. Her creatinine levels were higher than normal levels, with blood pressure over 200, and she was dehydrated. The conservator stated that it was an unnecessary visit and that Katherine was not to be removed from the facility ever again without her approval.

The family decided the only alternative was to go rogue.  On Wednesday, Credell Carter, Katherine’s husband, removed his wife from the health facility.

Mr. Carter, and his two daughters Venus and Kimberly had no idea what the consequences of their actions would bring but they believed they faced a life-or-death-sentence choice for their wife and mother—and they chose life.

The Carter family was supported by the Alameda County Probate Court Reform Movement, comprised of 78 families whose estates have been wiped out by the Probate Court.

President of the Reform Movement Maxine Ussery, started the group after her family lost their $5.2-million estate and walked away from the court with a meager $32,000.

Said Ussery, “The court is deliberately stripping elderly and minority family estates to keep their doors open, and it has got to stop. We’re standing with the Carter family before they become another sad statistic.

“We’re determined to bring attention to this travesty called a court system, and demand the courts stop decimating our estates to keep their doors open. We’ll be there to support the Carter family, we’re standing shoulder-to-shoulder, we’re drawing our line in the sand.”

Katherine Carter was safely removed from board and care without incident. Mr. Carter stated his understanding is he is within his rights to save his wife.

“Besides, Judge Reardon said I could take her home after she left the Genesis facility.  He just didn’t tell me when,” he added.

Carter’s daughter Venus Gist said, “I’m strong about this.  The court is killing mom for profit.”

UPDATE: Credell Carter went to court this week to face the consequences of taking his wife Katherine Carter out of a board-and-care facility, where she was living in conditions that the family believed were hazardous to her health.  At the hearing on February 21st, the judge threw out all the charges brought against Mr. Carter, who was reappointed as trustee of his and his wife’s trust and given custody again of the care of Mrs. Carter.  The Carter family has been supported by the Probate Court Reform Movement.

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Husband Rescues Wife from Board and Care Facility on Valentine’s Day

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A success story! It could have easily gone badly and I'm so glad to see the underdog win!