Monday, June 4, 2018

Family: Retirement facility didn't notice man was dead for two weeks

An Ohio family is distraught after they say it took two weeks for someone to discover their loved one had died.

According to WCPO, Paul Patterson, 77, moved into SEM Manor in Anderson Township after he suffered a stroke. He felt he needed to live somewhere where he could have more support.

SEM Manor describes itself as a "retirement & assisted living facility" on its Facebook page.

Patterson's family was stunned when they recently received a call from a detective stating that he had died.

"Nobody ... should hear something like, 'Your brother has been dead for two weeks in an apartment,'" Patterson's sister, Martha McKee, said.

The coroner told family members that Patterson's body had been decomposing for two weeks before anyone at the facility noticed he was dead. Management finally noticed when someone complained about the smell.

"That it took somebody next door to say there's a foul odor is very upsetting," Foster said.

SEM Manor declined to comment. A sign outside their facility indicates they receive taxpayer money through the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.

According to the facility's website, residents receive scheduled transportation, activities and attention from a caring staff in exchange for 30 percent of their income.

Patterson's family feels he was not taken care of.

"Somebody laying there for two weeks, it's just wrong," McKee said.

The sheriff's office said the death is still under investigation. The coroner's office has not yet determined a cause of death.

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Family: Retirement facility didn't notice man was dead for two weeks


Carolyn Anderson said...

It's shocking but also not that much of a surprise.

Anonymous said...

Sem Manor is a retirement community not a nursing home. They do not provide care for the residents. They do not provide "check-in" for residents. This is an independent living facility. I am curious why the family members did not have contact with the resident for 12 days?