Sunday, May 21, 2023

Woman accused of using stolen nursing license, caring for patients without formal training

By News Staff

COBB COUNTY, Ga. — A woman is accused of working as a nurse in Cobb County, even though she wasn’t licensed.

For a number of months, Corissa Laws cared for eight different people with developmental disabilities who all needed around the clock care from a licensed nurse.

But police said Laws used someone’s nursing license from Florida to get the job.

The warrant stated that Walton Community Services hired laws as a nurse. Laws used the victim’s nursing license and number to get hired, even though the license can only be used in one state.

Newell stopped by the house that Laws worked at, but no on answered. Newell called Walton County Services, but the person who answered hung up. When Newell stopped by the office, the door was locked and no one answered.

Laws is charged with practicing nursing without a license and aggravated identity fraud. It unclear how Laws gained access to the victim’s nursing license, but Newell spoke with Georgia Security State about how to protect yourself from identity fraud.

“Many of the credit reporting agencies really have notifications you can get so you can sign up for that,” Secretary Brad Raffensperger.

And when it comes to protecting your employment information:

“We haven’t heard this particular type of fraud recently but it can happen and we want to make sure people are aware to always guide your identity and any employer when people do present their license you can go to that they are re lawfully registered and that shows up on our official Secretary of State web page,” Raffensperger said. “We do robust checks but obviously there’s always people bad actors that are looking to gain the system or fraud entry use someone’s out of state license but you want to make sure that someone is actually licensed here in the state of Georgia.”

As for the nurse in Florida whose employment information was stolen, she told Newell that she is glad an arrest was made, but did not want to talk about happened to her. Police haven’t released additional details at this time.

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Woman accused of using stolen nursing license, caring for patients without formal training

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