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Caretaker arrested for identity theft of elderly people, including her patients

by: Jordan Baker

(KRON) — A caretaker was arrested for identity thefts of multiple elderly people including residents at the facility where she was employed, according to the Santa Rosa Police Department. 

A representative for an 82-year-old Santa Rosa care facility resident noticed multiple unauthorized online transactions of over $15,000 on the elderly man’s account in Nov. 2023. According to police, it would be impossible for the man to make the purchases due to his physical state. The representative and the victim were unaware of who conducted the purchases, police said. 

SRPD Property Crimes Investigations Team detectives served investigative search warrants to credit card companies, commercial businesses, online and electronic service providers, and online marketplaces. Detectives determined the suspect was responsible for over $19,000 in unauthorized credit card charges using the victim’s accounts. Detectives identified 32-year-old Santa Rosa resident Imelda Ruby Reyes-Medina from shipping and contact information linked to multiple transactions. Reyes-Medina was not a caretaker at the facility. 

Detectives executed search warrants for the two residences associated with Reyes-Medina in March.

  • 2700 block of Mohawk Street
  • 1000 block of Bellevue Road 

Officers located items Reyes-Medina purchased using the victim’s credit cards, including high-end electronics, baby accessories, jewelry, furniture, and other household items.

In the search of Reyes-Medina’s property, detectives located personal identifying information and credit cards for two individuals not residing with Reyes-Medina. The individuals’ information belonged to residents of a Santa Rosa residential care facility where Reyes-Medina was employed. 

Reyes-Medina was located at the Mohawk Street residence. Reyes-Medina was arrested and booked into Sonoma County Jail for the following charges:

1st case:

  • Identity Theft
  • Theft by Use of a Credit Card
  • Grand Theft by Access Cards
  • Financial Elder Abuse
  • Commit a Felony While on Bail

2nd case:              

  • Identity Theft (2 Counts)
  • Commit a Felony While on Bail
  • Grand Theft by Access Cards
  • Financial Elder Abuse

The investigations are active and ongoing.

 According to police, Reyes-Medina was free on bail from a previous investigation involving charges of identity theft from an elder/dependent adult by a caretaker for a Sebastopol case. 

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Caretaker arrested for identity theft of elderly people, including her patients

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