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Strandquist, Minnesota, woman accused of financially exploiting her mother

Peggy Ann Omdahl, along with her significant other Jeffrey Lars McHam, are accused of misusing in excess of $275,000.


MARSHALL COUNTY, Minn. — A Strandquist, Minnesota, woman has been accused of financially exploiting her elderly mother, to whom she was assigned financial power of attorney more than a decade ago, in excess of $275,000.

Peggy Ann Omdahl, 69, is charged with financial exploitation of a vulnerable adult, breaching fiduciary obligation and failing to provide care.

The felony charge has a maximum 20-year sentence.

Omdahl's significant other, Jeffrey Lars McHam, is facing the same charge.

Omdahl's first appearance took place on Tuesday morning, June 4, during which she was released with no bonds or conditions. McHam's first appearance was rescheduled for 9 a.m. June 18.

On Nov. 13, Marshall County Social Services and the Marshall County Sheriff's Office received a vulnerable adult report alleging Omdahl and McHam financially exploited her mother, according to a probable cause statement filed in the case.

Omdahl has financial power of attorney for her mother, a role established in 2011.

In November 2022, Omdahl's mother entered a nursing home. As of Feb. 1 of this year, Omdahl had only made four payments to the home, and her mother owed $140,504.72, the statement said.

While investigating Omdahl's mother's finances, social services learned a total of $115,038.70 in checks were written to her daughter, the statement said. Additionally, $10,000 checks were written to McHam and a total of $160,061.81 were payments to a Capital One card.

In December 2019, Omdahl's mother had $119,412.18 in her account. By Jan. 12 of this year, her balance was $3,062.17.

Omdahl met with law enforcement and a social worker in January. She allegedly insisted she didn't spend any of her mother's money on herself, and all the expenses benefited her mother.

Omdahl said the $160,061.81 in Capital One credit card payments was used repairs on her mother's home, in the event that she may move back in, the statement said.

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Strandquist, Minnesota, woman accused of financially exploiting her mother

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