Thursday, March 5, 2015

Throw Back Thursday from 2009: Is Kathleen Simane Now Kathy Larson?

NASGA recently received a comment to a post from July 22, 2009 which reminded us that every once in a while, we should participate in "Throw Back Thursdays."

The comment: Anonymous said...
"This diabolical person, whose name I don't want coming out of my mouth, has bullied and harassed her neighbors and landlords and people she barely knows. There is a path of devastation and chaos, with numerous victims in Minnesota, wherever K.S. goes. Her pattern is very predictable- if you challenge her, question her or tell her NO, she files a restraining order on you with false claims or she files an erroneous police report against you.  Filing restraining orders all willy nilly would be quite costly for the average person. Is she using the welfare system to her advantage? Perhaps.

I believe there is a bright side to everything. I am sincerely happy that a number of her victims have found each other. This site has proved immensely helpful in getting all the victims together. Please if you have any dealings with her, beware and be aware. One second you think she would never hurt you, the next second she is calling law enforcement because she says you have threatened her life. I heard her say in court that Sundowner Retrievers is NOT a business. Why lie about a business you are promoting? Why does she have recent ads promoting the business via the internet and her newly improved advertising on the truck? What is the reason she lies about Sundowner Retrievers? Fraud?

She is a con artist that does not care who she hurts or what she lies about. I used to be surprised that Greg Larson stayed with her through all the drama that she fabricates. Either he has the same criminal mind or he knows what she is capable of and is afraid of her...?" 

The original post:

From TV to Prison

Elder Abuse: A Silent Shame

Award Winning Newspaper

ASA Honors Elder Abuse Series

Elder Abuser Series Honored

Profile of a Sociopath

Is Kathleen Simane Now Kathy Larson?

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Bradenton attorney reprimanded by state

TALLAHASSEE -- The Florida Supreme Court has suspended a Bradenton attorney's license for three years and a Sarasota attorney's for 90 days, according to the Florida Bar

Richard Lee Buckle was suspended three years retroactive to April 28, 2014, following a Jan. 27 court order. Buckle was admitted to practice in 1973.

According to a news release from the Florida Bar, Buckle sought to have a judge removed from his case by filing a frivolous motion for appointment of a new judge on the eve of his trial. He impugned the judge’s qualifications and integrity, and in his motion, knowingly disparaged the judge based on ethnicity, gender, religion, marital status and perceived sexual orientation, the release states.

Also, Andre Keith Roger Charbonneau of Sarasota was suspended 90 days, effective 30 days from a Jan. 22 court order. He was admitted to practice in 1999.

According to the Bar, Charbonneau received money from his aunt to purchase a home. When filling out the loan application, he indicated the money was a gift from his aunt, who also signed a gift letter. After closing on the house, Charbonneau signed a note indicating the money was a loan, as his family now indicated he needed to repay the monies, the news release states.

Charbonneau never took steps to notify the lender of the change, the release states. Later, Charbonneau filed for bankruptcy and did not list his aunt as a creditor. Charbonneau subsequently revised the bankruptcy petition to correctly include his aunt.

The Florida Supreme Court in recent court orders disciplined 26 attorneys, disbarring four, suspending 17 and publicly reprimanding five. Four attorneys received more than one form of discipline. Two were placed on probation and two were ordered to pay restitution.
Read more here:

Full Article & Source:
Bradenton attorney reprimanded by state

Is That Really a Five-Star Nursing Home?

Consumers will be able to get more accurate ratings of nursing homes under a revised system that the federal government put into effect on Friday.

The change is a step toward ensuring that a five-star rating really means that the home provides exemplary service and is not simply inflating its scores by lying about its performance. Perhaps, not surprisingly, the overall ratings of nearly a third of the nation’s nursing homes dropped under the new rules.

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services uses three main criteria — staffing levels, performance on certain quality measures, and annual inspections by state and federal inspectors — to rate homes from one to five stars over all and on each of the three categories separately. The results are posted on its Nursing Home Compare website. The old system relied heavily on self-reporting by the nursing homes of their staff-to-patient ratios and their quality measures. As The Times reported in August, even homes with a history of serious problems received high ratings based on their unverified self-evaluations.

The rule changes were aimed primarily at the recalibrating the quality-of-care measures, such as the percentage of patients with new or worsened pressure sores and the percentage of patients who report severe or moderate pain. The system still relies on self-evaluations of quality, but it raises the bar on an array of these measures, thus making it harder to get top ratings.

It also added new measures on the use of anti-psychotic drugs, reflecting concerns that some homes overmedicate patients to make them easier to manage. And it adjusts mathematical steps used to calculate staffing ratios. Before the change, about 80 percent of the nation’s nursing homes received a four- or five-star rating on their quality measures; afterward, about 49 percent did. The number receiving only one star for quality rose to 13 percent after the recalibration, from 8.5 percent. Two-thirds of the homes dropped stars from previous ratings.

Although the nursing homes will still be evaluating their own quality, the federal government will have state agencies conduct on-site surveys starting this year to check on the accuracy of quality statistics at a sample of homes across the nation. It is imperative that those surveys be as rigorous as possible to help determine if even stronger measures are needed.

Perhaps the most important improvement is that by the end of 2016, the government will require all nursing homes to report staffing levels — an important determinant of quality — every quarter, using an electronic system that can be verified with payroll data. That will be a far more objective measure than unverifiable self-reports.

Full Article & Source:
Is That Really a Five-Star Nursing Home?

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

The Vegas Voice: Special Report, Part II, GUARDIANSHIP - NOW GET ANGRY!

"You’re my last hope. Please help me."

I can repeat the words, and even detail the chilling circumstances of this person who called Rana to discuss her guardianship nightmare. But I will never be able to adequately convey the fear and desperation fin the caller’s voice.

Last month, The Vegas Voice published its “Special Report” concerning the Nevada guardianship laws. The response has been overwhelming and unprecedented.

Political Editor Rana Goodman and yours truly did not know what to expect from our articles, although we anticipated that the private guardian backlash would be intense and fierce.

While we were indeed inundated from just about everybody – no one said we were wrong.

No one.

There were a few: “Yes, the guardianship laws need to be reformed, but...”

However there was not a single attorney, not a government official, nor a private for-profit guardian that disputed the contents of what we reported.

I know what you’re thinking – perhaps the private guardian industry has no idea what was in The Vegas Voice and therefore couldn’t object or defend their actions.

Believe me, they all knew. ...And then there was that anonymous mass email sent by a private guardian advising his fellow guardians in part: “It appears that the victims are finally joining ranks and exposing some of our issues. Time to clean up our ranks."


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The Vegas Voice: Proposed Nevada Reforms

Rana and I will be making the rounds to our legislature in Carson City.

Dan Roberts
We promise to let you know which of our elected officials will step-up and help.

We also promise to let you know which blow us off.

The Vegas Voice has proposed five very simple, easy reforms that would resolve a great deal of this guardianship scandal.

They are:
1. Repeal the requirement that a family member must be a resident of Nevada to be appointed as a guardian.
2. Family members and/or those named in a power of attorney, joint bank account, trust or will be given preferential standing over a private guardian in the appointment of a guardian.
3. Establish a cost effective, transparent and consistent process to define the mental competency of the senior. A neurologist in conjunction with the senior’s primary physician should be required for guardianship to be approved.
4. Mandate a complete and accurate initial inventory of all assets, as well as quarterly filing of all financial expenditures - with enforcement penalties for non-compliance.
5. Establish an independent commission or authority to audit and enforce financial accountability of the senior’s estate once any guardian is appointed.

Full Article and Source:
The Vegas Voice: Special Report, Part II: Now Get Angry

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Mom accused of scamming daughter out of $48K trust fund

A city welfare worker scammed her own daughter out of a $48,000 trust fund left by her late father, who was tragically shot to death during a robbery in Florida in 2006, according to a new lawsuit.

Vanessa Nieves
“I want what’s mine,” fumed Vanessa Nieves, 21.

She learned late last year that her mother, Gloria Torres, allegedly tricked her into signing over the insurance money that she was supposed to receive at 18.

Nieves told Justice Rita Mella in Manhattan Surrogate’s Court on Friday that her mother presented her with documents in 2011. Torres convinced her daughter that the paperwork would simply freeze the account until she was 21, Nieves said.

Nieves agreed to sign the papers because she wanted to save the funds to pay for her education.

The Mercy College psych major told the judge, “I was under the impression that I was not closing the account, but extending it.”

Then in December, when she went to withdraw the funds from Chase Bank, she was told by a clerk that her mother had deposited the funds into her own account and closed her daughter’s account, according to a court statement by Nieves’ aunt Chassity Gonzalez.

Torres, who makes $35,000 a year as an eligibility specialist for the Human Resources Administration, was a no-show at court. “I refuse to give you any information,” Torres told The Post when contacted by telephone. The judge issued an order that Torres file paperwork within 30 days explaining what happened to her daughter’s money.

Full Article & Source:
Mom accused of scamming daughter out of $48K trust fund

Testimony begins in hearing on Judge Angela Stokes courtroom behavior

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Opening statements in the disciplinary case against suspended Cleveland Municipal Court Judge Angela Stokes painted far different pictures of her work on the bench.

Attorney Robert Caligiuri of the Disciplinary Counsel told the three Judge panel, "When a person, any person walked into Judge Stokes courtroom 15C in Cleveland Municipal Court they walked into a different universe where rudeness, impatience, judicial incompetence, disrespect and disorder ruled the day." 

He used played video of Stokes berating an attorney in the following exchange, 'I am tired of this nonsense, you are out of order. You are out of order counsel. I gave your client a break by only ordering two days of this sentence into execution.'

The question before the Disciplinary Council is whether the behavior is abusive enough for Judge Stokes to be removed from the bench.

The strategy of Judge Stokes defense team seems to be that all the things the Disciplinary Council cites in it's complaint against her were secretly collected by Presiding Judge Ronald Adrine and his predecessor Judge Larry Jones and were part of a plot to get her off the bench.

Attorney Paul Daiker claims, "The evidence will show that Judge Adrine recruited and rewarded a number of individuals willing to bear false witness against Judge Stokes."

Judge Jones was the first witness saying he tried many times to have her correct her courtroom behavior saying, "It would work for two weeks, three weeks."  He says his concern was her treatment of others.  He cited several examples "leaving the court house at 6 o'clock, 7 o'clock, 8 o'clock and again it's unfair to them and also as I indicated it's unfair to the public."

Stokes law license is currently suspended temporarily. The panel hearing testimony will make a recommendation to the Ohio Supreme Court who will make a final decision.

Full Article, Video & Source:
Testimony begins in hearing on Judge Angela Stokes courtroom behavior

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WWII Veteran Louis J. Russo Battles for Justice at 96

The story of a 96 Year Old WWII Combat Veteran, his battle for dignity and justice, and those that would become his new family and his new alliance.

Operation Vet Fit founder and Veterans Advocate, US Marine Veterans, Daniel R. Gaita assist 96 year-old, WWII Combat Veterans Louis Russo during his Jan 28th, 2015 Probate Court Hearing. This video is a short segment from a 5 hour hearing.

Source: YouTube

Source:  YouTube

Monday, March 2, 2015

The Vegas Voice: ON THE AIR

Steve Miller will be the guest on the VEGAS VOICE radio program Tuesday from 9 - 9:30 AM.  The subject will be the guardianship racket in Las Vegas, and its connection to the corrupt Clark County Family Court.

Steve Miller writes internationally syndicated columns on organized crime and political corruption for Rick Porrello's, The Vegas Voice, and the Canada Free Press.   

Visit Steve's Website

LISTEN to the show 
Tune in to 1230 AM in the Las Vegas area. 

A few of many articles written by Steve Miller and published on this blog:
'Jared E. Shafer's Bad Laws Legalize the Bilking of Las Vegas Retirees'

Private Guardians Jared E. Shafer and Patience Bristol Sue Blind Man for Libel, Now Ask Taxpayers to Pay the Bill

WW2 Hero Liberated From Exploiter/Guardian Jared Shafer, Celebrates New Year With Family

Nevada Guardian Patience Bristol Arraigned on Robbery Charges

New Lawsuit Filed Against Nevada "Guardians" Patience Bristol and Jared E. Shafer