Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Ex Parte Hearing - Judge Randy Kennedy

This is Part 1 in the "Emergency" Ex Parte hearing that Judge Randy Kennedy held without setting the hearing and full well knowing that Danny Tate had never been served notice. The only people that had any knowledge of this hearing were Judge Kennedy, campaign contributors Paul Housch, Robert Stratton and David Tate. The entire hearing lasted 19 minutes. That's all it took to strip Danny Tate of all constitutional rights including the right to vote, the right to marry, the right to sign his name. It even included the right to "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness". Danny Tate had no idea these proceedings were taking place. And his brother David Tate had paid Paul Housch $25K retainer of Danny Tate's money to pursue this action. Though Judge Kennedy stated in one breath that these conservatorships never achieve their goal, in the next breath he states he would not hesitate signing this order. Nothing but fraudulent hearsay allegations were presented to the court without any supporting documentation. Attorney Paul Housch knowingly defrauds the court. He's never met Danny Tate. Everything that was presented was fraudulent allegations made by his brother, yet that is all it took.

Listen as Paul Housch claims Danny Tate is smoking $36K/mo. in "crack cocaine". Fraud, but he got paid $25K to lie. Judge Kennedy required NO EVIDENCE.

Robert Stratton, another campaign contributor to Judge Kennedy's unopposed "election", was called and appointed to act as guardian ad litem, yet all they talk about is Mr. Stratton "packing heat". David Tate had represented his brother as a dangerous man. Yet there is no criminal record, no police reports, no 911 calls, no emergency room visits, NOTHING to substantiate this claim.

Yet, it has taken three years and the entire cash estate (over 1 million dollars) of Danny Tate to fight this ongoing legal battle and the entire bill was taxed to Danny Tate who was never served notice that this kangaroo court was in session and his life was being taken prisoner. It's an atrocity.

Part 2 of the Ex Parte hearing in which Judge Randy Kennedy stripped Danny Tate of all Constitutional rights including "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness", without Tate being served notice of this hearing, without Tate being present, all based on fraudulent allegations made by David Tate through his attorney Paul Housch. If this could happen to Danny Tate, it could happen to anyone. Three years later, Danny Tate is bankrupt. How can this be called "conserving".

YouTube: Impeach Randy Kennedy


Sue said...

Impeach / Investigate / Incarcerate

jerri said...

thank you nasga so this is how it's done in a courtroom beer party grab the money then notify the victim that he is a ward of the state on the word of his brother this is a scheme that works for them and harms us also what's with the catholic bashing? what's that got to do with the meeting about stealing danny tates money? this judge needs to be removed from the bench he is a threat to society where are the feds where is the fbi? sleeping if so then i suggest we file a petition and declare judge randy kennedy a ward of the state grab his assets then go for paul housch and david tate and the so called gal stratton and who is that other guy sitting there anybody know? get him too the entire rotten bunch