Tuesday, November 2, 2010

CA: Former Nurse Pleads No Contest to Elder Abuse

In a plea deal, Marlene Delp, a former nurse at the Terraces of Roseville, pleaded no contest to two felony charges of elder abuse and drug possession.

The plea comes on the heels of a proposed class action lawsuit filed last week, alleging the company didn’t investigate related complaints against Delp.

The “lax policies” of Westmont Living, which runs the Terraces, “made it easy for Delp to steal resident pain medications,” Sacramento attorney Mark A. Redmond said in a release. As a member of Attorneys Against Abuse of Elders, he filed the case on behalf of multiple current and former Terraces residents.

Full Article and Source:
Nurse Pleads No Contest to Elder Abuse, Possession

Delp, 63, faces three years formal probation and 8-12 months in the Placer County jail.


StandUp said...

Nurses who abuse vulnerable people should suffer harsher penalties.

Connie said...

Anybody do background checks on nurses?

Lou said...

I'm glad she is caught and being held accountable. This Sacramento attorney, Mr. Mark Redmond, a member of Attorneys Against Abuse of Elders... I wonder, could he... would he... get involved in some of these abusive, neglectful, exploitive guardianship cases. California members, give him a call!