Friday, March 7, 2014

Arizona: ABC15 undercover investigation: Filthy conditions, bed bugs at assisted living facility

An undercover ABC15 investigation has found filthy living conditions, bed bugs and allegations of resident neglect at a Valley assisted living facility that gets thousands of taxpayer dollars a month.

The Lodge at 14th Street houses more than 30 residents who have mental illness, physical disabilities, or both. Many of the residents are on Medicaid.

The ABC15 Investigators went undercover and also obtained photos from people inside the facility. The photos and video show evidence of past and current bug issues, filthy mattresses with stains of dead bed bugs and blood, and residents in tattered and dirty clothing.

I’ve never seen anything like this,” said Mike Wright, an attorney with the firm Udall Shumway, who’s handled hundreds of abuse and neglect cases involving assisted living and nursing homes.

“This is highly unusual. It’s heartbreaking,” he said.

Insider Speaks Out
ABC15 interviewed a staff member who worked directly with the residents. When asked how The Lodge compares to other facilities, the staff member said, “This is the worst I’ve ever seen, ever, by far.”

The Lodge at 14th Street is licensed as a “directed care” facility. The Arizona Department of Health Services states that type of facility provides “programs and services, including personal care services, provided to persons who are incapable of recognizing danger, summoning assistance, expressing need or making basic care decisions.”

“They live like they are homeless,” the staff member said. “The floors are not clean. On the walls, you can see yellow and black stains. It’s just disgusting.”

The staff member and residents told us that only one or two caregivers work at any given time for all of the patients.

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ABC15 undercover investigation: Filthy conditions, bed bugs at assisted living facility


Thelma said...

Why do these places exist? Is it because government simply uses taxpayer funds to permit their operation, taking little responsibility?

Anonymous said...

Scott Schuett had two workers, including kitchen and all other staff, for EIGHTY-ONE residents.

And it took over a year and a half, from March 5, 2012 to October 1, 2013, for our corrupt state officials to shut down his five facilities with 379 people.

Most of that time was spent making excuses for Scott Schuett.

Today, Scott Schuett clings to a law license that should be revoked, and walks around a free man despite his CRIMINAL behavior.

Not one of our top or middle state officials, not human rights officials, not social services or Adult Protective Services officials, not Virginia Public Guardian Program officials like Janet James, Esquire and Amy Marschean, Esquire, stood up for the innocent victims of Scott Schuett's horrific behavior.

Instead, they created an orchestrated campaign of cover-ups and smears against any whistle-blower, content to sweep this shocking CRIMINAL abuse and neglect under the rug.

Google Scott Schuett for details too appalling to enumerate here.

Anonymous said...

It's gotta be kickbacks, Thelma.

Follow the money.

Anonymous said...

Those poor people stuck there. I feel so bad for them.

NASGA IL member said...

Vulnerable adults trapped in a rat trap.

Part of my punishment would be for those who are responsible all the way up the corporate ladder to be forced to live under the same conditions.

And yes states are financially strapped Medicaid is a big part of the budget but oh what a surprise to find out millionaires and people with significant assets seized by the guardianship racket are also on Medicaid when they shouldn't be on the assistance so where does the millionaire wards money go?

To the protection racket directly or the assets are 'hidden' stashed in OBRA special needs accounts in safe keeping for administrative fees with dribble to the ward who is the source of that money.

And when the OBRA account is drained dry and the former millionaire ward is alive, the guardianship team has a plan to keep billing by funneling trust money from 'charitable trusts' funded by deceased wards with excess cash in their former OBRA accounts.

Billing for administrative services is then submitted directly to the charitable trust bypassing the court's approval and off the guardianship records/files and the trustees who are also billing for their services issue a check.

The wards with significant assets who are receiving Medicaid nationwide would rather be in private pay facility or in their own residences with assistance if needed....this adds up and we the chump taxpayers are funding this scheme at the expense of those who truly need assistance.

I know this is a truckload of information to absorb but it's the truth based on case studies, court records one example:

$250,000.00 for administrative fees with a whopping

$500.00 for the ward's needs (ie toilet tissue, personal needs etc) who is on Medicaid with no telephone, no private sleeping quarters.

Volunteers out there for those who think this is a good idea?

Tina D said...

Really NASGA IL member? OMG I wonder how many wards with means were forced into Medicaid? And no is my answer to your question no way would I want to have my life and all I have in the hands of those sob's I need to think about this long and hard as part of my estate planning which is worthless in guardianship from what I've learned from NASGA which is better to know than not know who is laying in wait for profit. Thanks for the info that will keep me awake all night.

Finny said...

This facility needs to be fined tens of thousands of dollars.