Friday, May 8, 2015

Guardianship for Blues Great BB King Rejected

An attempt to establish a legal guardianship for blues great B.B King was dismissed without prejudice on Thursday by Clark County Guardianship Commissioner Jon Norheim.

Five of the 11 children had sought guardianship for the blues musician, who has been in home hospice care in Las Vegas since April 8. The family believes King is not being provided proper care, said Lynn Hughes, a Las Vegas-based attorney representing the family. But outside of court, he noted they are not allowed access to his medical records.

“Legally, you don’t have what you need to move forward,” Norheim told the counsel for the family during the brief hearing.

Three problems blocked the petition for guardianship: Not everyone involved had been served; the prospective guardian already has three other wards; and two investigations failed to find problems with King’s care.

The first investigation was conducted in October, and the most recent one was in April.

“They were completed and didn’t find what your client wanted,” Norheim said.

The Aging and Disability Services Office will not issue a letter for guardianship, he added. The investigations won’t be made public.

“They wanted to take over King’s personal financial decisions,” E. Brent Bryson, a Las Vegas attorney who represented King, said outside of court. “Their petition was fundamentally flawed.”
King has a will and a trust, he said. The musician’s longtime business manager, Laverne Toney has power of attorney for King. She controls his finances and medical care.

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Guardianship for Blues Great BB King Rejected


Steve said...

Norheim knows the whole world is watching him this time.

Norma said...

I agree, Steve. If not for all the articles about Nevada, the guardianship would have been granted.

Donna said...

Me too. Already all the activity in Nevada has saved one person. That's wonderful.