Wednesday, May 20, 2015

The Passing of Willi Berchau

Nobody could say it better than Adam Walser and NASGA joins him in mouring the passing of Willi Berchau. Willi left this earth a free man and an inspiration, thanks to Adam Walser's report. That report, which was part of an investigative series, got the attention of other media in Florida who began reporting on guardianship abuse in Florida and it also got the attention of lawmakers. It all started with Willi Berchau and we will remember Willi for the hero he is:

From Adam Walser:
"A sad day for us, as one of our heroes has passed...Willi Berchau... who fought for the rights of wards in predatory guardianships... died peacefully this morning. He wrongly placed in an Alzheimer's unit, told his story to the world and eventually was freed by the court system. His final year and a half, he spent surrounded by friends and supporters and more importantly... free! The I-Team went to his 101st birthday party just last month. Willi was a sweet, kind soul who had courage to stand up against what was wrong. Isolated from the world, he found a way to speak out and people listened.... eventually passing laws cracking down on predatory guardianships.

I remember Willi with his fist pumped in the air, showing his belief that he achieved victory over oppression. Some us us have heroes who are movie stars or professional athletes or corporate moguls. Mine was a small German man, who always had a smile on his face and who spoke softly with a thick accent. What he had to say will long be remembered."

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NASGA said...

Godspeed, Willi. You will be remembered as the hero you are and the inspiration that kept many guardianship victims and their families from giving up.

Sylvia Rudek said...

With sadness, Rest in Peace Willi Berchau. I can be at peace deep within my heart knowing you passed away peacefully because you died as a free man, loved and admired by many.

Deep appreciation to ABC Action News Adam Walser I Team for their efforts and actions to report on the dark side and the wrongdoing of the protection industry leading to legislation in Florida.

Betty said...

A true hero!

Anonymous said...

Adam Walser was Willi's hero and Willi is our hero.

Rest in peace, dear Willi.

Evelyn said...

Willi's case opened the door to legislation. He will be missed with the deepest of respect for all he was as a person and a survivor of guardianship abuse.

Steve said...

RIP Willi. What a guy!

Frania said...

Adam, would you please come to Baltimore County, Maryland and get my mother out. There is no Adam Walser here. Willi Berchau, Rest In Peace

The same thing happened to my mother who , the only way to stop her from stating this evilness ,was to drug her, sell her house and everyone and everything taken from her. She is also a foreigner, strong, likable,hard working now forced into submission. Please come to Baltimore County Md.