Wednesday, May 27, 2015

When Judges Can Take Away Senior Citizen's Basic Rights

Imagine losing your most basic rights: speaking for yourself, choosing how to spend your money or even what medicines you should take.

Dorothy Luck was in a dispute with family over trust money. After a court-ordered medical exam, she ended up a ward of the state.

Sheila MacVicar investigates shocking cases of elderly Americans at the mercy of court-appointed guardians.

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When Judges Can Take Away Senior Citizen's Basic Rights


StandUp said...

At the mercy is accurate! Good report!

Anonymous said...

Good report!

Laurie said...

Debby Valdez was very impressive! Glad to see her group get some good recognition.

It looks like the pirates smelled Dorothy Luck's money and went for it. She seems like a nice lady.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad to see Texas get the spotlight. Things are really dark there. Laurie, you're right, Debby Valdez did a great job.

Dorothy Luck is still alive and it's a wonder they didn't get her and just drug her to death.