Tuesday, June 2, 2015

NASGA Press Release: Legislation Update: The State of Illinois Passes HB2505

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June 2, 2015

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Legislation Update:  The State of Illinois Passes HB2505

NASGA (National Association to STOP Guardian Abuse) is pleased to announce HB2505, introduced by Representative David Harris (R) in March of this year, and sponsored in the Senate by Senator Steve Stadelman (D) has passed both houses!  NASGA Director Sylvia Rudek conferred with Representative Harris on this bill as well as two others this session which we hope will pass as well.

HB2505 provides that a temporary guardian of a disabled adult shall have limited powers and duties (instead of “all the powers and duties”) of a guardian of the person or estate which are enumerated by court order.

In other words, a temporary guardian no longer will automatically have full autonomy over an elderly or disabled person. Limiting the powers or reach of a temporary guardian is a common sense, practical change in the laws which significantly protects the person and the person’s estate. 
NASGA continues to applaud Representative Harris and Senator Stadelman’s commitment.   NASGA looks forward to more collaboration from these esteemed lawmakers from different political parties with the same goal:  to protect the elderly and disabled citizens of the State of Illinois  from guardianship abuse. ###

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Betty said...

More good news from NASGA

StandUp said...

I am glad to see positive action in Illinois. I had thought Illinois would never emerge from the dark ages and it's especially refreshing to see a Republican and a Democrat working so well on the same issue.

Anonymous said...


Sylvia Rudek said...

Thank you Representative David Harris and Senator Steve Stadelman for your concern, commitment, time and efforts that will better protect the citizens of Illinois.

With deep appreciation to you and your staff.


honeybear said...

Guardianship abuse is not a partisan issue and I'm thrilled to see these two guys working hard on an issue that affects everybody!

Debbie said...

If it can be done in Illinois, then it can be done anywhere! Thank you Sylvia Rudek for your commitment to get this done and for finding just the right lawmakers to take it on!

Finny said...

Sylvia, we are so proud of your efforts in Illinois and your efforts every day on behalf of NASGA. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Good job, Illinois!

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Sylvia, Rep. Harris, and Sen. Stadelman for all of your hard work on this legislation.

My mother was exploited during her guardianship proceedings in the Cook County Probate court. Although I was willing and able to be my mother's guardian, the court appointed a guardian who works in the court system. After appointment by the judge, the guardian immediately placed my mother's entire estate into an OBRA Special Needs Pooled Trust to qualify her for Medicaid. She was then moved from her beautiful private pay facility (where she could afford to live for another ten years) into a Medicaid facility and her entire estate was paid out in attorneys fees and guardian fees. Court documentation can be viewed to verify this.

My mother's quality of life suffered in the Medicaid facilty, and the taxpayers are paying for her life in a sub-par Medicaid facility. For 6 years, there have been no outings in the community and poor quality activities to help with her dementia. The move to a medicaid facility and subequent payment of her entire estate to the attorneys and guardian was all approved by a judge, although my mother did not benefit from this at all.

Your work on this issue can help prevent others from experiencing the financial devistation that occurred to my mom. Please continue to work on legislation that will protect the elderly and disabled in Illinois from further proceedings as happened to my mom.

I would like to propose a cap on the percent of an estate that can be paid out to guardians and attorneys in these probate proceedings.

I will never understand how attorneys in the court and a guardian can inur more charges in a one year period than the cost of a private pay facility over a ten year period. Please consider legislation to keep this from occurring to others.... my mother's in not an isolated case.

Thank you,

I cannot divulge my identity as I will be restricted from visiting my mother, who remains a ward of the Cook County Probate court.

B Inberg said...

The protection industry is out of control decades of laying the groundwork, making the rules all for self serving reasons personal financial gain for profit and / or job security as a Public Guardian no cases no job.

Every bill introduced is a time for celebration. Every bill passed into law is a major event in Illinois where there hasn't been any media coverage or press coverage isn't that curious? Where are the reporters? Or is Illinois the only state in the nation that isn't experiencing any problems?

The states with the most media coverage have been successful in getting in the front door to the legislators, bills drafted and introduced and passed. No media or press coverage - no public feedback, no public outrage, no pressure to address the issue by legislators so why bother?

Thanks to all the continued silence in Illinois to all the reporters and their news outlets you are to blame if you do nothing you are enabling a broken system that is affecting state of Illinois Medicaid adding people with wealth while the wards assets go to lawyers, guardians, GAL's fees fees fees taking away from those poor souls who truly need state assistance. It's your decision.

Just know this failed system will get worse I hope this is on your conscience who knew, what did they know and what if anything did you do about it.