Thursday, June 4, 2015

"Westland Cops Break Court Order"

This is Westland Police & an assistant to a court guardian, breaking the law! A judge ordered that my mother Gayle Robinson was NOT to be removed from her home without a court order signed by him! They had none!

YouTube:  Westland Cops Break Court Order


Barbara said...

I'm so sorry...What did the cops say when you showed them the court order?

Anonymous said...

over and over you're told, they have to be SUED.

it's illegal to remove without a signed warrant.

the cases are out here for you to cite and use as the template for formatting and of course check the format and length allowed in your state, get some one authorized to perform service/summons them and FILE.

the attorneys DON'T CARE and when they don't care we have to take care of this as well.