Friday, July 24, 2015

The Vegas Voice: On My Soapbox, by Rana Goodman: Turning Our Back on a Veteran

by Rana Goodman
Let me tell you about a veteran named Cazee Lewis. Cazee is in his 80s and has cataracts. Some time ago, the VA agreed to surgically remove the cataracts, but since he is under guardianship, arrangements must be made through the private-for-profit guardian in charge of his life.

Nothing can be done to him or for him without the guardian's approval. And according to a report from the Senior Law Project (the "guardian ad litem") the guardian does not feel he needs this surgery. I guess she believes she has medical credentials now! There is nothing that can be done about that - short of contesting the guardian in court.

I sat in court and heard Hearing Master ask the representative from Faith Shari why Cazee was being given a drug that was not protocol for dementia patients. The representative never denied that Cazee was being given the drugs just that he was getting them at bed time.

A long-time friend has been attempting, to replace his current guardian (April Parks - the same guardian named in our page 8 editorial) so that she can move him to her home. 

The friend has generously offered to care for him one-on-one rather than the situation he is currently in.

Each time she has attempted to visit Cazee, the staff at Faith Shari tells her he is not there.
On her last attempt, she was told that written permission would be needed from the Senior Law Project.

WHAT?! To visit a friend?

Full Article and Source:
The Vegas Voice July Issue


Jamie said...

Thank you Rana Goodman. It makes me feel good to know you are out there advocating for Veterans like Cazee. His guardian not having the cataracts fixed is neglect, pure and simple.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Rana. You are a champion for the cause.