Friday, September 18, 2015

Federal Agents Arrest Indiana Caregiver Accused of Stealing Medicine from Elderly Patients

UPDATE (Sept. 17, 2015)-- Korisha Gaddie was found guilty and sentenced to 910 days minus time served. She will serve 892 days on probation.
MARION COUNTY (Jan. 30, 2015) - Federal agents arrested a caregiver accused of stealing medicine from her patients.
Agents from the Drug Enforcement Administration arrived at Lawrence Manor Healthcare Center, 8935 E. 46th St., Friday morning to take Korisha Lynn Gaddie into custody.

Gaddie is charged with nine felony counts, including obtaining a controlled substance through fraud or deceit, possession of a narcotic drug, theft and interference with medical services.

"It's very troubling because it's not uncommon. This is not an unusual issue," said Kristen LaEace, CEO of the Indiana Association of Area Agencies on Aging.

In 2014 there were nearly 40,000 cases of elderly abuse, neglect or exploitation reported to Adult Protective Services according to LaEace. Roughly 10,000 cases were investigated.

Agents went to arrest Gaddie as her shift ended Friday morning. Investigators said she was frisked and narcotics from the night before were hidden on her body.

LaEace says the growing issues impacting the elderly community will persist until the necessary resources are allocated towards assisting the elderly.

"There are not enough investigators in the state to handle all the cases that are coming in," said LaEace

Investigators said Gaddie stole powerful narcotics from the elderly patients she was caring for. She worked at several different elderly homes around the city. One of the other homes tipped off investigators about the thefts.

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Federal Agents Arrest Caregiver Accused of Stealing Medicine From Elderly Patients

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