Saturday, October 10, 2015

Woman charged with stealing from the elderly

Thursday, October 8, 2015

A former bookkeeper at Crowley Ridge Healthcare Center in Dexter, Missouri, was arrested Monday and charged with financial exploitation of the elderly.

Sandra D. Campbell, 48, of Dexter was allegedly using funds from the resident trust account at the center to purchase clothing items for herself.

A report states that director of operations Jo Noe and administrator Joyce Henry conducted an investigation after the business received two deliveries July 14 that were addressed to residents and Campbell.

The investigation concluded Campbell allegedly had used approximately $2,210.63 for her own purchases.

About eight victims were identified in the investigation, according to the report, and a search of the victims' belongings showed that none of the victims were in possession of the purchased items.

The report goes on to say that Noe reviewed the transaction history from 2014-2015 and found that vendors who were not ordinarily used to purchase residents' clothing and personal items were listed on transactions.

Noe also reportedly went online and printed photographs of the items Campbell allegedly bought. When presented with the photographs, the social services director and the activity director, who typically assist with shopping orders, recognized the items as having been worn by Campbell in the previous months. While interviewing different department managers, Noe was told Campbell had worn several of the items.

According to the report, Campbell also had a Facebook account under the name "Susan Montigo," where she was attempting to sell some shoes she had ordered using resident trust account funds.

The report states each item was purchased via check from Crowley Ridge Healthcare Center. Each of the checks had been signed by Campbell, and the signatures were verified.

Noe said the residents are required to sign a Resident Trust Disbursement Request, and the center has reimbursed the resident trust account.

After her arrest, Campbell's bond was set at $50,000, with 10 percent cash allowed. She later posted bond and was released.

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Woman charged with stealing from the elderly

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A reminder to protect financial information as well. If the facility asks, don't tell them.