Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Shocking Update on April Parks: Man Finds 27 Human Ashes in Henderson Storage Unit

When Billy Smith bought a Henderson storage unit at auction for a couple hundred dollars, he said he had no idea what he was getting into.

"I've been doing this business off and on as a hobby for the last 20 years," Smith said. "This is the most bizarre thing I've ever found in a unit. I've found lots of crazy things over the years, but nothing like this."

The find: 27 urns, all filled with human ashes.

"I discovered an urn, I thought 'Oh my God, this is somebody's loved one,'" Smith said after going through the small unit at Life Storage near Wagon Wheel and Interstate 515. "Then I found a tub full of remains, and then a second tub full of remains. I was just shocked to see almost 30 sets of remains."

Some of those remains were a few years old, others from the early 2000s. Many of them contained the corresponding paperwork.

"Somebody had the gall to store a family member in a storage unit like that," Smith said.

That somebody, according to Valley funeral home directors, was April Parks, who rented the storage unit before it went up for auction. For decades, she worked as a court-appointed guardian, making legal and financial decisions for senior citizens. But as of May 16, she was behind bars at the Clark County Detention Center, facing hundreds of charges of theft, perjury, and exploitation of her elderly clients.

The charges came after a years-long investigation by the Nevada Attorney General's Office, Metro Police and the Clark County District Attorney's office.

Court documents explained the 270 charges against her and her company. The indictment mentions dozens of victims, including names that were on urns found inside the storage unit.

"Horrendous things, just horrendous things were done to her wards," Elizabeth Indig said. Indig's mother was one of Parks' wards.

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Man Finds 27 Urns Filled With Human Ashes in Henderson Storage Unit

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Kim said...

I wonder how many urns came from her victims and how many were other guardian's victims, like Patience Bristol or Jared Shafer?