Sunday, May 14, 2017

Tonight on T.S. Radio: Corrupt Courts With Lisa Belanger

Our Guest: Lisa Belanger

We will also be talking about Mass. bill H3027 a bill to aid and abet the predatory practices of professional guardians and attorneys.

According to his youngest daughter, Mr. Siegel is medicated against his wishes, isolated from her, has had his cell phone taken away from him by his court-appointed guardian, and has 24/7 “guards” (medical providers) with him at his home in Boxford. She notes that within months of the ambulance ride, and the subsequent involvement of court-appointed personnel, she and her family were kicked out of her dad’s home, and she’s been prohibited from visiting with or having any communication with him.

That was five years ago.

Oh, and his bank accounts have dwindled over the past five years, with his net worth apparently oozed away, going from approximately $9 million to less than $4 million, and shrinking.

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