Monday, November 27, 2017

Jerry Lewis' wife Patty threatened with eviction by nursing home

Jerry Lewis' children from first marriage fighting famous father's will calling it a fraud

Late comedian #Jerry Lewis' first wife and mother to six of his children Patty Lewis has been threatened with eviction by the nursing home where she resides. Since Jerry's death last August it has been one struggle after the next for Lewis' first family. Following Lewis' passing funds that had been provided for Patty since the couple's divorce in 1980 were suddenly cut off according to Hollywood News Daily reports.

Jerry Lewis intentionally left six children out of his will

Jerry and Patty Lewis were married for 36 years and had six children together, one which is deceased. #Gary Lewis is fighting to keep mom safe and taken care of and has set up a GoFundMe page in hopes of doing so.

Not only is the family fighting for their mom's rights, they are also fighting their father's estate and have claimed that Jerry's will is a fake.

San Dee Lewis and daughter inherit $75 million

Gary Lewis claims that Jerry's signature on the has been forged and that he has proof. Gary had the signature examined by a professional forensic graphologist who has declared the signature a fraud. The family is also in the process of contesting the will which states that Jerry Lewis purposely excluded his six children and their descendants from inheriting one cent from his $75 million estate.

Coincidentally, the entirety of the estate was left to Jerry's second wife San Dee and their daughter Danielle. The entire situation is a painful and ugly battle for the family. Gary Lewis has told the family's story to authors Richard Lertzman and William Birnes for a new biography book that will detail Jerry Lewis' life with Patty and their six children.

Jerry's sons have revealed that growing up with their father was sheer "hell" stating that he was verbally and physically abusive to them. It looks as if the battle over Jerry Lewis' estate could be a long and fierce battle, it also has all the makings to rank along the same lines as Casey Kasem and #Glen Campbell's estate battles, making it one of the nastiest celebrity family battles of the decade.

As previously reported, Casey Kasem and Glen Campbell's families are currently fighting amongst themselves over their famous father's estates and last wishes. Kasem passed away in 2014 and the battle continues within the courts between Kasem's children and Kasem's widow Jean Kasem. Glen Campbell, who passed away in August after a long battle with Alzheimer's Disease family continues to battle over the estate and their father's care during the time of his illness.

With the exception of Jerry Lewis, who purposely disowned the majority of his children, the long nasty drawn-out court battles are very sad. These types of celebrity family legal cases over money are not the first and will surely not be the last. When it comes to money, sadly, in a lot of cases it will drive a wedge between even the closest of families.

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Jerry Lewis' wife Patty threatened with eviction by nursing home


Norma said...

I think there is plenty of video of the Kasem children saying it's not about money. If it's not, then why are they suing? I haven't seen the Campbell children in the news much yet, but it sounds like the same thing. These kids are children, not spouses. Spouses usually inherit everything.

Steve said...

The money belonged to Jerry and it should be his decision as to where it goes - or doesn't go. If he left his children out, then that was his decision. It's not up to us to judge or decide who someone should or should not give their money to. I agree with Norma that the spouse is usually who inherits. In the other cases, if the parent wanted the kids to get money, then he/she would have made sure his/her wishes were clear.

StandUp said...

I hate to see this. People who have great wealth need to take extra steps to be sure their wishes are crystal clear and do so years in advance of old age so there is no loophole for a will contest.