Wednesday, January 30, 2008

An Alleged Kidnapping

Delores Forste is the daughter who was accused of kidnapping her own mother.
Emma France is a 95 year old woman that claims a government official in Jasper County Missouri charged that she was kidnapped by her 67 year old daughter. An appeal made by Emma France to free her daughter Delores Forste was made on a video:

It was reported that Emma was represented by a court-appointed counsel, otherwise known as an guardian ad litem, but no testimony was offered suggesting that Emma was capable of taking care of her own affairs. Instead the judge in what appeared to be a very short probate trial signed away her free will. France challenged the charges against her daughter. She said Forste is not guilty of financial exploitation or kidnapping. She said she wanted to go to California and to get out of Jasper County after she was hospitalized and made a ward of the public administrator. She said both actions were taken against her will.

More on this case was reported in the Joplin Independent and the Joplin Globe:

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Preliminary hearing set for woman charged with kidnapping mother

Special prosecutor tabbed in case of woman who moved mother

Woman who ‘kidnapped’ mother faces extradition hearing

Woman, charged with kidnapping mother, released on bond

It was also reported that the fees charged by a Jasper County public administrator, are many times higher than those levied by her predecessor. They also are many times higher than those levied by other public administrators in three similarly-sized Missouri counties. The daughter is quoted as saying:
“I really believe this is all about money.”

Source: Jasper County public administrator defends fees

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