Friday, March 7, 2008

Financial Abuse of the Elderly

A Detective's Case Files Of Exploitation Crimes

by Joe Roubicek

The author is a Florida detective recognized as an expert investigator of exploitation crimes who presents 11 shocking and factual investigations. He dispels the myths of this misunderstood crime while providing specific and practical prevention advice.... How to recognize exploitation, expose exploiters and help them to incriminate themselves....Easy legal steps to take to prevent someone from emptying an elders bank accounts if they should lose mental capacity...How to protect yourself while you still can.

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Anonymous said...

Detective Roubicek, the author of this book, is to be commended for correcting some of the public's misconceptions about the adequacy of our existing laws, misconceptions which too many other experts in the field propagate and perpetuate. I would especially recommend Chapter 6 to anyone who wants a first hand account of how lawmakers in Florida compromised a bill pertaining to crimes against the elderly, making it so that fewer abused elderly people would be protected by the state, in order to save the state money while at the same time appearing to protect seniors.