Thursday, May 1, 2008

Life for Lauren

Lauren struggled with substance abuse but had been clean for ten months. On August 28, 2006, she overdosed on heroin, resulting in damage to her brain due to oxygen deprivation.

Because Lauren’s parents knew that she wanted to give birth to her child, they agreed on medical treatment of Lauren during her pregnancy.

Lauren’s daughter Ember Grace was born in February 2007, and she is a healthy little girl.

After Ember’s birth, Lauren was taken off a ventilator and tracheotomy and much to the surprise of her doctors, she began breathing on her own.

It was at this time that Lauren’s father, Randy Richardson and mother, Edith Towers, disagreed on Lauren’s treatment plan, ultimately leading to cross-petitions for guardianship.

Mrs. Towers wants to stop Lauren’s tube feeding, which would lead to her death, because she personally believes that Lauren would not want to live in her condition.

Mr. Richardson wants to continue ordinary care for Lauren like tube feeding, basic medications, and cleanliness, but not extraordinary care.

Master Glasscock issued his final report on January 24, 2008, granting guardianship to Mrs. Edith Towers.

Lauren’s father, Randy Richardson, is fighting this ruling and has currently filed a Notice of Exceptions, a Motion for Trial and Hearing, and a motion for further medical evaluation of Lauren.

Randy believes that Lauren was hopeful and would not want to be starved and dehydrated.

Randy and a local neurologist believe Lauren is showing signs of consciousness beyond PVS.

Randy has been told that with therapy Lauren may be able to learn to eat without a tube, continue to improve, and recognize visitors, including her daughter.

Randy is asking the Court to award him guardianship of Lauren so that he can take her home, love and care for her as any father would.

Source: Life for Lauren

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Anonymous said...

To this day, it's hard to believe the state was successful in executing Terri Schiavo. And now the awful precident has been set.

Lauren's loved ones have to be paralyzed with fear. Unfortunately, we live in a society where sadly, people consider the elderly and helpless disposable.

If we don't value life, have we any value?