Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Guardianship Cost $1 Million

In the year since lawyer James Gocker became guardian for incapacitated real estate mogul Max Farash, a team of lawyers, accountants and other professionals has been employed at a cost of more than $1 million.

Now the judge overseeing the Farash case is telling Gocker not to bring in any more help without prior court approval.

In a letter to Gocker's attorney, acting Supreme Court Justice Edmund A. Calvaruso said all appointments of people who provide services to Gocker must be made by the court.

"The court will make new appointments or ratify existing appointment contracts only if such appointments are both financially responsible and professionally sound."

For the first six months of Gocker's guardianship, ending Oct. 31, legal fees and expenses of more than $800,000 and accountant fees of $100,000 were approved by the court. Gocker now is asking the court to approve $360,000 more in attorney fees and $122,000 in accounting fees for Nov. 1 to Jan. 31.

Gocker himself received $241,500 for the period ending Oct. 31, at a rate of $350 an hour. He is asking Calvaruso to authorize a payment of $174,553 for the three months ending Jan. 31.

Source: Farash judge restricts power of guardian

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Anonymous said...

Another tragedy! The Guardianship racket is better organized and entrenched than the mob. A guardianship is like winning the mega lotto OR the old "gold rush" days - it's all about the Ward's money for the Guardian and their probate buddy system, all standing in line with their money buckets lined up.

The best interest of the Ward are meaningless and empty words on papers that sound good to society and are misleading by design.

Doesn't this constitute a national fraud?

Anonymous said...

National fraud is right! No one's keeping score and it's hard telling how much money is spent in Medicaid after guardians and their attorneys have pauperized their victims.

In this case, that likely won't happen -- but it will be close!