Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Family Dynasty Battle

Crean family siblings are battling over a conservatorship for their mother, Donna Crean, waterfront estates, a six-figure sedan and diamond-encrusted belt buckles.

The 78-year-old mother of four became a widow last year. Her husband, John Crean, was a multimillionaire philanthropist and founder of Fleetwood Enterprises, the trailblazing recreational vehicle firm.

Court papers depict a struggle pitting the eldest son, Johnnie Crean, against his brother, Andrew Crean, and to a lesser extent against sisters Emily Crean Vogler and Susan Crean Thomas.

In January, Andrew Crean and Vogler petitioned the court to be named as conservators of their mother, who has Alzheimer's disease.

In the petition, they took aim at Johnnie, arguing that he wields undue influence on his mother. Johnnie Crean objected to the conservatorship and wrote that his siblings raised no concerns about their mother's decision-making when she signed millions of dollars over to each of them.

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RV dynasty battles over diamond-studded buckle, mom's care, estates, court records show


Anonymous said...

I think the biggest door opener to guardianship/conservatorship is the family squabble. It doesn't matter who is right and who is wrong -- the court doesn't care, just as the court doesn't care about the Ward.

It doesn't matter if there's millions of dollars involved or thousands -- the guardian gets it all.

Anonymous said...

the OC probate system has been corrupt for years and has knowingly allowed/encouraged conservators and court appointed attorneys to financially abuse elders. Illegal discussions with attorneys with a judge outside of court are a common practice. Once they get all the money they can, they move on to the next victim. It's well known about the OC probate corruption as many good conservators won't work there. Why doesn't anyone clean up this mess. The very conservators/attorneys/judges that claim to do the proper thing and lecture on it are actually the worst abusers.