Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Satellite Parking

On her 75th birthday, Millie McAllister is standing on a tree stump in her back yard, waiting for the spaceship from Venus to come take her back home. Meanwhile, her daughter Fran is trying to get Millie back in the house, as it is cold outside. The play is told from Millie's point of view, as she explains to the audience how she came to learn she was from Venus and then tried to accomplish her mission to return home, despite obstacles erected by stupid earthlings who wanted her committed to the hospital. There is a surprise ending.

A staged reading of “Satellite Parking” was presented by the Administrative Law Section of the Maryland State Bar Association at the annual meeting.

Judge Paul Handy of the Office of Administrative Hearings in Washington, D.C., the play’s writer and director said: "Lawyers tend to look at it in an analytical way", “Nobody is really at fault for the situation", "I want people to see the humanity of it.”

The play’s emotional center, however, is the inner struggle of Millie’s daughter, as she tries do what she thinks is best for her mother despite her mother’s resistance.

Handy wrote the play in 1996 based on his experiences in the mental health division of the Maryland Office of the Public Defender, where he was working at the time.

A panel discussion about commitment hearings and the circumstances surrounding them followed the play.

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Lawyers present play, panel discussion on commitment hearings


Anonymous said...

Victims of illegal proceedings have no room for chuckles - until we see the perps behind bars!

Anonymous said...

It is disgusting that judges and lawyers can laugh at the misfortune of others. The families and victims of abusive guardianships are not laughing, I assure you.

Anonymous said...

Think of the lonely family member left after "protection" comes in..........Suffering from prosecution without being charged, suffering from tremendous emotional and financial loss..........and it is all done in a court of law!

Anonymous said...

This shows their motives and proves our position of corruption.

Long ago, the guardianship system was intended to assist and benefit the Ward. Instead, lawyers and judges joined together to figure out how to turn this around to their benefit.

Many figured out how to turn the guardianship system into the guardianship racket to strip their victims, the Wards of the state, of their dignity, all of their rights, possessions and assets, to benefit...the lawyers and the judges, who profit at the expense of the Wards and his/her family and heirs.

This is wrong and it is FRAUD!

And, then, the lawyers and judges who abuse their postitions of trust, profit from this guardianship racket that they manufactured to their specifications, to use this as the base for their amusement, entertainment and comedy as they laugh at the most vulnerable members of our society and their families.