Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Money Missing From Estates

A recently concluded investigation revealed that at least 11 of Karyn McConnell Hancock’s former Lucas County Probate Court clients have discrepancies in their accounts totaling more than $170,000 in missing money and possible thefts.

An attorney who was appointed as a special master commissioner to review the cases, filed his report in probate court. Each of the cases investigated involved estates set up on behalf of deceased residents.

* McConnell Hancock is accused of taking money from estates of both a husband and wife who died within three years of each other

* McConnell Hancock’s legal escrow account revealed that checks were deposited and paid from the account inappropriately

* McConnell Hancock sent a letter to the Ohio Supreme Court to resign as an attorney after she was found guilty to a misdemeanor charge of making false alarms

* McConnell Hancock’s attorney filed a consent agreement in probate court saying she admitted guilt to the embezzlement of more than $130,000 form the estate of a murdered Toledo city worker

* Many allegations of theft by clients and former clients, including three people who have filed lawsuits in Lucas County Common Pleas Court

The Lucas County prosecutor’s office is investigating the allegations.
Investigation shows 11 clients of McConnell Hancock had money missing from estates

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Anonymous said...

Oh, what a surprise! An audit and review revealed discrepancies?

Karyn McConnell Hancock is a crook, who was in a position of trust.

She must be given top priority by the prosecutor.

She must be criminally charged, arrested, prosecuted and sentenced to a very harsh prison sentence with full restitution to the victims and/or to the heirs of their estates.

In addition to prison, I think we need to go back to old time justice; go back in time to a form of appropriate punishment to protect society.

We need to re-visit the practice of the scarlet letter by permanently branding these special crooks with a very large dollar sign, for each offense, imbedded forever on their foreheads, indicating financial thief.

Anonymous said...

We will watch for accountability here -- what a slam dunk case against her!